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How many of you visit Chiropractors(5 posts)

How many of you visit Chiropractorsmosovich
Oct 25, 2002 7:26 AM
Just curious, I couldn't live without mine. For what reason do you go as well?
re: I go if my back hurts badly enough for long enough.dzrider
Oct 25, 2002 9:03 AM
He thinks I should go each time it tightens up, but my back doesn't hurt very often and usually pains go away in a few days with a little stretching/yoga. I've not tried using one as a preventive measure. My wife, a health care worker who views medical attention as an important part of a healthy life, goes far more frequently. When I have gone, he has provided relief on the first visit and cured me with a few more.
re: How many of you visit Chiropractors12x23
Oct 25, 2002 5:00 PM
I haven't been this year, but have had three really bad lower back episodes since 1999 relieved by chiropractic. All three episodes were bad enough I couldn't put my socks on or stand erect, and I had miserable stinging pain in my lower back, left side.

I go when I 'almost' injure my back, and swear to do frequent maintenance, but haven't stuck to it.

It has worked for and made a believer out of me.
My impressionspookygeek
Oct 26, 2002 1:48 AM
My impression of Chiropractors (not saying its the correct one) is that its a bunch of bull. I was at a local 5k once, and asked some of the local students there (from Life univ in Atlanta) about it. They said after my free "test" my back was out of alignment and they could fix it. When i asked why they said it helps with headaches, i said why....and he stared at me blankly. I for one who base a lot of my knowledge on the scientific method would be happy to accept links to some info where a scientific test has been done comparing inividuals being treated by a chiropractor, those who do routine stretching and those who do nothing. One of my good doctor friends only refers to the profession as quackopractors Not trying to knock on any chiropractors, but its just my impression.................discuss.

My impressionbsdc
Oct 26, 2002 7:44 AM
You were talking to students, who need a little more studying and a lot more real world experience. How does chiropractic help headaches? The long answer involves biomechanics and neurophysiology. Not many people are interested in that. The short answer is that chiropractors unpinch nerves. If a nerve going to your head is pinched it may cause a headache. Unpinching the nerve relieves the headache. It's not hard to understand.

There is lots of research that supports chiropractic. I find that "doctor friends" who refer to chiropractors as "quackopractors" know little or nothing about chiropractic and have done little research themselves. If you or your friend are truely interested you can go to Medline (a medical research database) and look up the research yourself. Key words: chiropractic, spinal manipulation, manual manipulation, manual therapy, etc. Try searching other medical topics as well. You may be surprised how little scientific evidence there is to support many common medical treatments.

The real issue between medical doctors and chiropractors is turf. In this case the turf is patients. Asking a medical doctor what he/she thinks of a chiropractor is like asking a democrat what he/she thinks of a republican. My advice: Find a doctor (medical or chiropractic) that has taken the time to educate themselves in conventional and alternative health care ... someone who cares more about the patient than their own professional agenda.

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Bradley C. Sikes, DC