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Sampson Ciao same as Raleigh R700?(2 posts)

Sampson Ciao same as Raleigh R700?Scottland
Oct 25, 2002 4:39 AM
I am interested in Sampson Ciao but could find very little on this forum. Couldn't find much on the web either. The Ciao looks (to me) just like Ralegh R700. It's a "special" on the Sampson's website for $1099 (ultegra) but I don't really know much about the bike. The wheels/fork are not the greatest but OK. The site says: "race ready, not merely a wannabe... for crits, time trials, triathlon" etc. Then there is a comparison to Cannondale R4000, Klein Quantum and Specialized E5 saying how much cheaper the Ciao is. I beleive the message is that Ciao has the same performance.

Any input?

not sure, but the R700 is not bad for the price...IAmtnbikr
Oct 25, 2002 9:23 AM
you can find them at the same area, around $1100. I have a '01 R700 frame built up with mostly Ultegra, an Easton fork, and AC 350 wheels that comes in at just over 17 lbs ready to go, for about $2K into the whole deal. I like the frame. Nothing exotic, but it seems well-constructed and meets my needs.