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I still dont get it ....(4 posts)

I still dont get it ....ClydeTri
Oct 25, 2002 4:35 AM
Was reading about the recent World Championships. What is the purpose of the race? To determine the best racer in the world? I guess I am one of those who just don't respect the sprinters of the bike world. Anybody think Cipo is really the best racer in the world? The best sprinter yes, but hardly the best racer. The race was set up in advance to basically allow a sprinter to win. The sprinter basically is in the peloton protected by his team and needs a relatively flat course to keep the peloton together. Can he time trial? Not necessarily. Can he climb? NOt necessarily. Seems to me the World Championship should be decided on at least a seven day tour with at least two mountainous stages and a time trial stage. Then you would have a race worthy of crowning a WORLD CHAMPION, not a 15 second sprint at the finish line.
Race parameters dictate winnerbigrider
Oct 25, 2002 5:31 AM
I agree with the fact that how the race is set up dictates who the likely winners will be. Every stage of the tours have the same scenario.

I have wondered the same thing about the World Championships. Why not a grueling one day classic, why not a time trial with hills and sharp turns, why not a multi-stage event.

The reason you gave for the sprinter being protected by his team is in part the same reason men win the Tours, support from their team.

I think the way it fits into the schedule, at the end of the season and not regarded as highly as the Tour de France Winner, the one day race is probably the only way to go.
re: I still dont get it ....GregJ
Oct 25, 2002 6:27 AM
The course for the World's changes every year. This was one of the fastest and flatest courses that I remember. You're crazy if you think a race like this, even on a flat course, is a done deal. There are always guys trying to make thigs hard, break the race up. Five and a half hours of racing at 28.5 mph, for 159 miles! They had laps in excess of 32 mph during the course of this event. So you think Cipollini and the other "sprinters" just sit in the field and pop out at the end, raise their arms in victory, no problemo. You have no idea. It takes tremendous endurance and fitness to get to the front at a race like this. Then you have to be able to out sprint all the other fast guys that have been protected all race. Make no mistake, the so-called sprinters are great racers.
re: I still dont get it ....McAndrus
Oct 25, 2002 6:34 AM
The World Championship is not a championship like the NBA's or the NFL's. It is the name of a very important one-day circuit race. It is not truly a championship and the riders know it.

This year a famous rider won it. Quite often very unfamous riders win it: Brochard, Camenzind, Friere (in his first win in 99), Vainstains, Armstrong (in 93).

Usually the circuit is quite hilly and selective. This year it was not, that's all.

In the cycling world, the Worlds hold no more importance than some of the one day classics like Leige-Bastogne-Liege or Paris-Roubaix. All the noise and thunder you hear is because Mario won it this year and he is already famous. It makes for great publicity, that's all.

Oh, and in fact there is such a championship as you describe: it's call the UCI World Cup points champion which, this year, was Paulo Bettini. He won a classic or two earlier in the year and raced well enough in the rest of the UCI races to win the most points. By your measure, he is the champion of cycling.