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Bike movie(23 posts)

Bike moviePeter E
Oct 25, 2002 12:44 AM
Okey, since i'm living in the north of sweden my season out riding is defenitely over. at least on the roadbike. it's spinning, weight lifting and winter-mountainbiking for me

Now i want something to watch over the winter. what roadbike-movie is the best? unfortunately it has to be VHS, don't own a DVD-player yet.

Any suggestions on what i can buy an watch over and over again and where i can buy it?
American Flyer, nmJuanmoretime
Oct 25, 2002 1:45 AM
re: Bike moviealiensporebomb
Oct 25, 2002 2:11 AM
If you haven't seen "Breaking Away" you owe yourself to see it.
Two SecondsAndy M-S
Oct 25, 2002 3:55 AM
Might be hard to follow in rollers, 'cause it's in French with English subtitles, but it's great. It starts out about downhill MTB racing, goes into couriers, and comes out with an Italian roadbike. Wonderful film! Set (mostly) in Montreal.
That's a really nice movie.Sintesi
Oct 25, 2002 4:27 AM
Part of it really capture the essence of cycling. Just a nice quiet story.
Liked the movie but thought the ending was weakKenS
Oct 26, 2002 2:41 PM
I was all set for a more thoughtful confrontation between the crusty elder, defender of retro bikes and the view of life from that era, and the urban-chaos bike-messenger view of the world . The ending felt like they ran out of both money and ideas how to handle the conflict. Anyway it is still a good movie. Unfortunately, the movie disappeared from the rental shelves in my area in about 2 weeks and I only got the chance to see it once.
re: Bike moviepmf1
Oct 25, 2002 3:59 AM
The best associated bike movie I've ever seen is the Bicycle Thief. It was made in the late 1940's (I think). Italian with subtitles. Don't get the dubbed version. (

Close second is Breaking Away. Takes place in Indiana and involves a rivalry between locals (the cutters) and frat boys. The scene where the father catches his son shaving his legs in the bathroom is priceless.

Then there's that Kevin Bacon movie ... Quicksilver ... not worth remembering.
The Bicycle Thief is not a bike moviemr_spin
Oct 25, 2002 6:53 AM
If The Bicycle Thief is bike movie, then The Red Shoes is a shoe movie.
Why notpmf1
Oct 25, 2002 7:25 AM
The main character is very poor. He gets a job hanging posters that will lift him from poverty. It depends on his only form of transportation -- a bicycle. True, it doesn't have a bike in every five minutes of film, but it involves a bike. There are so few movies made with anything to do with bikes that I think this qualifies.

Even if you don't consider it a "true" bike film by your standards, its still a good film.

Sorry, I am not familar with The Red Shoes.
Why notChunky
Oct 25, 2002 3:06 PM
I think the original question refers to movies about cycling sports.

Bicycle Thief is a great movie. One of my all time favorites. But it's not really about bicycle(s) or sports of cycling at all.
Breaking away,PEDDLEFOOT
Oct 25, 2002 4:04 AM
Quick SilverBikinCO
Oct 25, 2002 5:33 AM
Stock broker loses his and his families money trading on margin and becomes a messenger in NYC. Drugs, prostitution, violence, greed and bikes. Doesn't get any better.
One scene there always makes me laughbrider
Oct 25, 2002 8:58 AM
There's one scene in that movie where they're all marvelling over a rear hub with a freewheel attached. Now, this is in the days before freehubs. My question always was this -- how inthe heck is any one going to use that hub now that the freewheel is threaded onto it? Ever tried to take a freewheel off a bare hub (no rim and spokes)?
Oct 25, 2002 9:15 AM
ive only seen the movie once, but I dont recall mention of NYC anywhere in the movie.

Definately filmed in SF; i figured it was set there.
Quick SilverTarantula
Oct 25, 2002 3:44 PM
Watch for Nelson Vails doing some of the race scene "stunts".
Recommend any good history of the sport videos?Uprwstsdr
Oct 25, 2002 7:04 AM
Paris-Roubaix, Stars & Watercarriers, The Impossible Hour (nm)jtferraro
Oct 25, 2002 7:08 AM
Where to get them (nm)?Uprwstsdr
Oct 25, 2002 7:12 AM (nm)KenS
Oct 26, 2002 2:46 PM
Beijing Bicycle (nm)phlegm
Oct 25, 2002 8:18 AM
re: Bike moviealiensporebomb
Oct 25, 2002 11:59 AM
I liked Beijing Bicycle quite a lot because it showed the
protagonist was UNBELIEVABLY stubborn and was going to do
EVERYTHING it took to keep his bicycle.

The shattering conclusion is somewhat depressing, but I
found it somewhat positive too - he never abandoned his
values or convictions under the face of extreme opposition.

Very much worth watching.
Depressing ending? Com'on, it's a Chinese movie!timfire
Oct 25, 2002 1:18 PM
"The shattering conclusion is somewhat depressing"

I admit I haven't seen the movie, but you had to have expected a depressing ending. Com'on, it's Chinese!
I don't like I've seen a Chinese movie that wasn't depressing (except for kung-fu flicks)!

--Timothy Kleinert
Depressing ending? Com'on, it's a Chinese movie!aliensporebomb
Oct 25, 2002 3:05 PM
It's GOOD though.

I recommend it anyway - especially if you ever had to fight to keep a bike for any reason.