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Mavic M10 Cassette for Campy compatibility(6 posts)

Mavic M10 Cassette for Campy compatibilityKenny
Oct 24, 2002 9:45 AM
I am thinking of purchasing a Mavic Cosmos wheel set for a new bike that will have a Campy Centaur drive train. Does anybody have any experience or comments regarding the Mavic M10 Cassette for Campy compatibility? Thanks.
re: Mavic M10 Cassette for Campy compatibilitylook271
Oct 24, 2002 9:52 AM
I haven't personally used one, but that is what it was designed for. Apparantly you get 11 cogs, so you can customize them to a point.
re: Mavic M10 Cassette for Campy compatibilitytremblay
Oct 24, 2002 3:03 PM
I was looking at the same wheelset as an option for my bike, which is equipped with Veloce 9spd.

I don't know about your situation, but the Cosmos wheelset was $499 CDN, and the Mavic Cassette (which is necessary for campy compatibility) ran about $175. After I did the math, I realised a set of Mavic Open Pros, Chorus hubs, and DT spokes would be cheaper. They would also be lighter and have better bearings.

If you can get a set of custom built OP rims with Chorus hubs and a centaur cassette, for the same price or cheaper, I would go that route instead.
I have oneEager Beagle
Oct 25, 2002 12:25 AM
on K's with Centuar 10.

Works flawlessly. I have it as it gives cog combos that Campy don't do.
I didn't like mine and sold itlonefrontranger
Oct 25, 2002 4:15 AM
My SO and I have a fairly comprehensive stable of bikes which run all C-10 (Record, Chorus and Centaur), and we have 4 sets of Cosmos. There are 3 cautions I would make here:

#1: The cassette body tolerances vary pretty radically on the Cosmos, and when you're talking about Wheels Accelerator, American Classic or Mavic M-10 "conversion" cassettes, (meaning a cassette that uses 10 Campag spaced cogs on a Shimano splined carrier) this sometimes becomes a major issue. As a former shop wrench, and also someone who has worked in several engineering firms including G.E. Aircraft, I have discovered that tolerances and specs in cycling are just plain schizophrenic, and this is one of the prime examples. We've exchanged 2 rear Cosmos because they didn't have enough clearance to tighten the lockring. Each of our sets of Cosmos also requires vastly different combos of spacers set behind the cassette to make it come out "right" so that all the cogs seat and the lockring can be properly tightened. This is why Wheels sends a half dozen various thicknesses of spacers in the bag along with their product.

#2: The Mavic M-10 cassettes are not made out of Shimano Hyperglide cogs, as are both the Wheels Accelerator and American Classic conversion cassettes. This means shifting is neither as precise, nor as quiet as on the more modern ramped/splined Shimano HG, nor even the Campag (similarly ramped/splined) Ultradrive cogs on traditional Campagnolo cassettes.

#3: For whatever reason, I was never able to get any M-10 cassette to work smoothly over the entire range of Campag gears. I sent the first one back thinking it was another flaky tolerance issue, but the next one did the same thing, and customers at the shop had similar complaints. Somehow the spacing on these things seems to be about 1mm off, meaning you can set it up to shift fine on the middle and sloppy on both ends, or vice versa. The noise and slow shifting is merely magnified in this case by the lack of Hyperglide/Ultradrive technology.

I eventually banished the M-10 to use on my Centaur equipped cyclocross / urban assault bike, then when I couldn't stand the racket, I sold it cheap.
m-9 experiencehinaults dog
Oct 25, 2002 10:09 AM
terrible virtually unusable