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Custom Sew-ups or Factory K's?(4 posts)

Custom Sew-ups or Factory K's?niteschaos
Oct 24, 2002 7:57 AM
I am 6'2", 190 pounds. I average 600 miles a month and race occasionally. I am looking for a set of race only wheels. I was wondering of either waiting a while and spending alot on some SSL's from mavic or ordering a lighter but high spoke count custom wheelset with sew-ups.

1. Sew-ups I was looking at were lighter than the K's, and less than half the cost (32 spoke MA3 tubular rims with some Vitora Tubular on it) but I don't know thier reputatoin. Also, how often do those that ride with tubes get flats? I know it depends on conditions, but include that in your answer.

2. K's cost a bunch, but they have been know to be bulletproof. I am already familiar with clinchers and patching/replacing tubes in a hurry. Don't have to worry about aligning tread.

For you heavy riders out there, what would you go with?
re: Custom Sew-ups or Factory K's?Lactate Junkie
Oct 24, 2002 8:49 AM
You have actually tossed up a strange combination of variables. If you want the maximum in speed and performance, IMHO, you should go with the sew-up version of the Ksyriums and a good set of tires. However, I would consider these "race-only" wheels. Again, IMHO, while I love tubulars for racing, I gave them up for daily use years ago because the performance advantage was not worth the hassle. My experience is that you get fewer flats with sew-ups, but when you do they are a total pain to deal with in terms of changing and repairing (especially repairing) .

If you are looking for an all around set of wheels that you can race and train on with no worries, then you cannot do much better than the Ksyrium clinchers. I have the SL's and in spite of the facts that they are fairly heavy, and supposedly not terribly aero, they are some of the fastest and nicest riding wheels I have owned.

By the way, your weight doesn't matter, you are not that heavy.
I thought I wasn't that heavy!niteschaos
Oct 24, 2002 10:09 AM
But I outweigh everyone else on the team by 25 pounds and there are several wheelsets that I can't ride due to wieght restrictions. I'm borrowing a freinds Mavic M tubulars and boy are they sweet in the corners!! I wasn't running the smoothest clinchers out there, Conti Sport 1000, but they made more noise in the turns and would sometimes feel like they were wollowing, even at the 115 recomended psi.

All this talk about frame material I think puts too much emphasis in the wrong place.

Nothing beats the feel of some nice wheels. (Okay, a hot woman beats the wheels, but I'm saving that discussion for later.)
Custom Sew-ups?TrekFurthur
Oct 24, 2002 11:27 AM
I built up a set of Chris King hub/Campy Barcelona tubular rims (28 hole) with DT Revolution spokes; they come in lighter than Ksyrium SL's, which I don't think are that aero. My wheels feel great--comfortable and fast.

The tubular Ksyrium's feel fast, too, though--too add fuel to your fire--but I like having something a little different; also, I've seen plenty of pro's win races on traditionally spoked wheels, so I don't think the zootness is that important.