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The '03 Merckx's are here(10 posts)

The '03 Merckx's are hereTig
Oct 22, 2002 5:48 PM
My LBS has had them for a few days now and they are nice! The "Fuga" was replaced with a slightly redesigned "Race" (a different CF seat stay and the tube shapes have changed slightly). The "Team SC" was replaced with the "Team SC III", but I couldn't detect any obvious differences. My team decided on the "Race" for our 03 team bikes in the blue/black color. The new "Carbon" is shown below.
what would be the difference between...Bruno S
Oct 22, 2002 6:08 PM
an Eddie Merckx Team SC made of Easton SC 7000 tubing and a Scattante made of the same Easton SC 7000 tubing?

Scattante are the bikes made for Supergo.
the stickers. NMSherpa23
Oct 22, 2002 7:03 PM
Another DeRosa Deda V107 vs Ciocc Deda V107...Bruno S
Oct 22, 2002 7:41 PM
maybe what I am trying to get at is: what is more important who welds the tubes or who makes the makes them. The geometries and warranties are very similar between manufacturers anyway.
It is obvious that you've never ridden a Merckx!Tig
Oct 22, 2002 7:46 PM
One of the people I ride with has had a Merckx Team SC for 9 months now also has the Scattante for his rain bike (yes, plenty of extra $). He could tell you all about the many differences. I won't speak for him, but you get the picture. Last year's Team SC was rated to be the best riding frame reviewed all year by the majority of those who test rode it (including people like Davis Phinney). I'd love to test ride one against the Scattante in a blind test.

Merckx has a wonderful geometry, but that alone wouldn't justify the price difference. A great name and incredible paint helps boost the price, but that still doesn't make it ride better. Quality of manufacturing and design is where the big differences come in. Not many people would argue that a frame built in his Belgian factory wouldn't be superior to one mass produced in Taiwan (NOT to get the old Euro vs. USA vs. Taiwan debate going again!). He likes to slightly overbuild his frames for durability and comfort... something I have yet to see any other builder do with a scandium alloy frame. In other words, if you have never ridden a Merckx, you just wouldn't understand!
merckx is definitely changing its marketing strategiestarwheel
Oct 23, 2002 4:51 AM
First, Merckx stopped making steel frames, and it looks like they've quit selling titanium frames as well. Now it's just aluminum, with the top-of-the-line carbon frame. What wierd is that they now appear to be marketing some hybrid frames aimed at the general public rather than the racers and cycling purists. The Merckx distributor tells you can still order special order custom steel Merckx frames, but they cost more and take 3-4 months to receive -- so it seems like someone would be better off to just order a custom frame from a US builder.
merckx is definitely changing its marketing strategiesSpunout
Oct 23, 2002 6:29 AM
BTW, Merckx always in the European market had town bikes for the general populace. WE're talking baskets and three-speed hubs.
merckx is definitely changing its marketing strategiesgtx
Oct 23, 2002 11:28 AM
to be honest I'm wondering if they're building these new AL frames in Belgium, or if they're building them in Taiwan and painting and/or just applying decals in Belgium. To bad they're not doing the steel frames anymore (love my old steel Merckx).
re: The '03 Merckx's are herePaMTBRider
Oct 23, 2002 6:57 PM
I picked up my 03 Team SC yesterday. The only change that my dealer was aware of for 03 was a larger seatpost diameter. My bike can be seen on their site at
re: The '03 Merckx's are herechapperal2k
Oct 26, 2002 11:49 PM
Looks like they raised the price.