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NEED ADVICE: CX Frame, Disc Front, V-Rear, commuting(5 posts)

NEED ADVICE: CX Frame, Disc Front, V-Rear, commutingOgalthorpe
Oct 22, 2002 8:06 AM
I have a cyclocross frame that I use for commuting. Since I live in Seattle where it gets a little wet once and a while, I am considering better breaking options.

I am considering putting a disc brake (w/appropraite fork) on the front. The frame ('01 Poprad) doesn't have a rear disc tab.

What I want to know is only having a disc up front going to be sufficient? Should I invest in a frame that allows full disc setup, or is a disc up front and V in the back all I really need?

A little bio: I'm a clydesdale rider, 6', 280lbs. Commute is 10mi 1/wy. I'll be carrying about 10-20lbs extra on a rear rack/panniers. I would also ride this as a winter trainer.

re: NEED ADVICE: CX Frame, Disc Front, V-Rear, commutingstr8dum1
Oct 22, 2002 8:25 AM
disc brake wont be that much better than a properly setup canti. Your tires are too narrow to make a difference. you'l have super braking power but your contact patch is pretty small.

however its your money. the front brake does ~80% of the stopping. alot of mtn bike riders use just a front disc.
Most tandems use only v brakes and dont have probs stopping.
re: NEED ADVICE: CX Frame, Disc Front, V-Rear, commutingOgalthorpe
Oct 22, 2002 9:35 AM
I commuted all last winter with cantis on both wheels. What I'm trying to avoid is the time delay between squeezing the brake lever and when the brake actually begins stopping the wheel.

There were a couple of times riding through downtown Seattle at rush hour in the rain that I had to hit the brakes and there was an uncomfortable time delay before I started stopping.

I usually prime the brakes when I plan to stop, in order to dry and clear the rim of debri. However in emergency situations, I just hit em hard (while pumping) and try not to get smacked (or smack into a car).

I understand the physics of reduced friction due to rain and small contact patch. I'm just wondering if disc(s) would be worth the expense

re: NEED ADVICE: CX Frame, Disc Front, V-Rear, commutingstr8dum1
Oct 22, 2002 10:59 AM
its easy enough to do the swap. front hubs are all 100mm so you dont have to get a new axle (like a rear). you could build a front disc wheel for pretty cheap (~100$). The avid disc (cable actuated also, so i dont know how much faster the stop time will be) is like 90$. Then the fork will prolly be another 100$.

In the rain, the disc will work better. If that gives you a better piece of mind, then I would buy the disc without waiting! Better to be safe. When its raining, my speed usually comes way down so i dont have much problem with brake fade etc.

Good luck!
Seattle? Sure, why not.Ahimsa
Oct 22, 2002 3:58 PM
Rain rain rain rain...

Boy, a disc up front would be great. You lookin' at that Dimension fork?

I say do it. I only run a front brake right now (I usually have a rear, but never use it) and that is really where all of the stopping power is at. I'd say that for normal riding this would just add weight and $$$ to your rig, but in Seattle or any other really rainy locale (London anyone?) it would be the cat's meow. The rear V would make sense in that it would be lighter and used only rarely.

Contact patch is a non issue in the rain when compared to brake slip due to wet rims.

That Avid road mech disc set up looks good, is that what you plan to use?

Try upping your tyre size as well for the wet.

Post pics when finished, eh?