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Salt Deposits.....(9 posts)

Salt Deposits.....callthedoctor
Oct 22, 2002 12:20 AM
Was wondering how you dealt with all the salty, white deposits on gloves and helmet straps....

The obvious answer seems to be just wash them out, but thought maybe there was some tips or advice that could be shared....

Seems like the straps on my helmet are VERY white....and a I can squeeze several ounces of sweat out of each pad after each ride....

Anybody just wear one in the shower?

For gloves, will washing in machines damage the glove? Should they be hand washed?

Hope this is isn't a dumb question.....

re: Salt Deposits.....Spunout
Oct 22, 2002 3:38 AM
I wash gloves by hand, because the leather will dry out over the long cycle of a machine.

Helmets: Ya, how do you fix that? I don't know if I could dunk the whole helmet, because water would seep in between the foam and the plastic cover. On my helmet, Giro Pneumo, I can unravel all of the straps, take off the pads, and wash those separately. But would I be able to get it all back together????
Wash themms
Oct 22, 2002 5:08 AM
I wash my Giro Pneumo helmet about once per week in the summer. I fill up the sink with warm water, add some Ivory dish washing liquid and dunk the helmet a couple times. Then, I rinse the helmet and hang it up by the straps; the pads usually are dry within a few hours. After a year of washing my helmet, the pads began to fall apart -- no other problems. My LBS contacted Giro and they sent me two sets of new pads gratis. I have several pairs of PI white line gloves. Usually after I wear a pair two or three times, I throw them in the washing machine with my other bike clothes (cold water, line dry). The gloves stand up to the treatment without any problem.
re: Salt Deposits.....PaulCL
Oct 22, 2002 7:02 AM
I throw my PI gloves into the wash machine with my clothes. I let them dry on the rack. I've had other brands of gloves (performance or nashbar house brands) that will be ruined in the washer. I will always buy PI gloves. I've had the same pair for three years (>12,000 miles) and washed them dozens of times without damage.

Once in a while, I'll removed my helmet pads and soak them in soapy water and stick'em back in. As a previous poster mentioned, most helmet makers will replace your pads gratis.

As for clothes, I either rinse them out in the sink after every ride or just wear them into the shower. If you let the sweat dry, eventually, the clothes will stink even after coming out of the wash machine. I don't know about you, but I pretty much soak my cycling clothes in sweat each time I ride. Gross, but a sign of a good workout.
Have a cow lick it clean. (nm)onespeed
Oct 22, 2002 7:16 AM
Scrape off and sell it at the market. (nm)Sintesi
Oct 22, 2002 9:41 AM
re: Salt Deposits.....Bruno
Oct 22, 2002 8:18 AM
I wash my gloves in the machine. (specialized with synthetic leather) Remove the pads and wash them in the sink and with my old helmet I would also remove the straps to wash them. On my pneumo I wash the straps while they are attached to the helmet and them dry it.

I tend to bonk because of lack of salt so in long rides (80+ miles) I always take salt and tums.
Dont wash, suck on them on hot days to avoid cramping. %) nm.Mike P
Oct 22, 2002 10:35 AM
Rinse and rideKerry
Oct 22, 2002 4:17 PM
At one of our regular rest stops, there's drinking fountain with a faucet on it. I just take my helmet off and hold it under the faucet while massaging the pads and straps. I squeeze the water out of the pads, and hang the helmet on the bike while we drink our Cokes. It's a little damp when we take off again, but probably no more so than it would be from sweat. Otherwise, I just rinse it in the sink when I get home.