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bent bike question(3 posts)

bent bike questionhycobob
Oct 21, 2002 1:12 PM
I'm thinking about building a bent and there are just way too many new numbers involved. If I use a 20" rear wheel what tooth number should I use for the chainrings? I haven't seen any higher than 53T. Are most of you bent riders with 20" wheels in the big ring most of the time due to this?
generic answers from a recumbent dabbler...Silverback
Oct 21, 2002 3:44 PM
I don't have a bent, but a couple of friends do and I've ridden theirs quite a bit, so I can guess at it. Akirasho will have better answers, if he happens to check in.
One thing to remember with recumbents is that you can't stand and put your weight on the pedals, which limits your power a little (mine, anyway). My upright bikes are geared lower than most people's anyway (46-36-26 with an 11-28 cassette, on the one I ride most), and I rarely use the small end of the cassette even at that.
Riding the bents (a Bike E and a P-38), I find that I'm generally a gear lower on hills, maybe a gear higher on the flats. Based on that, if I were gearing one for myself, I think I'd stay with what I already have on the wedgie. That would be close enough that the gear range would cover it.
start here...Akirasho
Oct 21, 2002 4:13 PM

This will give you some of the numbers you'll need to determine your ring/cog combos.

You can also pose specific questions at the forums at:

There are larger rings available if necessary.

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