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Possible warranty issue...any experience with this?(3 posts)

Possible warranty issue...any experience with this?Lone Gunman
Oct 20, 2002 12:41 PM
Just got back from the Cycle North Carolina Hurricane Tour. Needless to say I/we got wet, very wet during the week at times. On the final day my rear hub (Rolf Vector Comp) starts to make snapping/ popping noises. I knew it was the hub and possibly the freewheel as this is the second time this year I got caught out on a major ride a long way from home and got really soaked as did the bike. Same result, the hub began making funny noises. I took it to the shop, dropped it off and the shop owner mentioned he would contact his Trek rep about this. I asked why and he said "we have been having alot of problems with the Vector Comps getting water in them and failing, the seals on the rear are terrible if any at all. They might swap the wheelset out for Bontrager Race Lites if we complain loud enough."

So has anyone else had this happen?
re: Possible warranty issue...any experience with this?merckx56
Oct 20, 2002 1:58 PM
A guy I ride with here in town has had the freehub replaced on his Comps three times! The shop told him they'd give him the bontrager wheel next time it happened! I'd cry and piss and moan until my new wheels came in!
When I was working in the shop, the Only Rolf wheels that were not a problem were the entry level ones.
There are quite a few cyclists who reported water problems...jtferraro
Oct 20, 2002 3:51 PM
w/those wheels, here on RBR's 5200 reviews.