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Riding in Arkansas???(4 posts)

Riding in Arkansas???Ride-Fly
Oct 19, 2002 9:04 AM
Anyone on this board from Little Rock?? How is the riding in Little Rock and the surrounding area, particularly Jacksonville?? I'll be leaving my beloved Santa Monica mountains for Little Rock Air Force Base in Dec. I'll be there for 6 months and was hoping that there will be some good riding- mountain and road. To tell ya the truth, I'm a little wary of riding in towns where a bunch backwoods hicks have fun trying to mow down cyclists! Say it ain't so!!! How are the trails??? Hope to God there is sweet singltrack in the local mountains!!! Thanks and Ride ON!!!
re: Riding in Arkansas???ViperRulz
Oct 19, 2002 6:58 PM
There are lots of places to ride, and we hicks are a not as bad as you'd think... Check out They have a short list of rides around Central Arkansas. There are a couple of groups that ride around Little Rock, too. If you're interested in that, you can check with Bikeseller and another local shop, Chainwheel (
Thanks ViperRide-Fly
Oct 19, 2002 11:56 PM
for the info! BTW, you know I didn't mean that everyone from Little Rock are hicks! But I can't help get that creepy feeling that there are some of them good 'ol boys that like to get drunk during the weekdays and drive hog wild in their rusted stepsides!!! LOL.
I was stationed there for 4 yearsspookyload
Oct 19, 2002 9:11 PM
There is some terrific riding. The road rides are hilly with very good roads. While in Jacksonville try to stay to the west of the base to avoid the flat rural area's. As for mountain biking, go to Sherwood cycling and fitness and get a membership to camp robinson(an army guard base). They have over 30 miles of tight, hilly single track that is some of the best in the midwest. When you join the club for ~$5 you get a great map and listing of rides. Plus it is mandatory to ride out there anyways. Hope you enjoy the ride. I miss the riding there(in Florida now), but don't miss the area other than that.