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Quick Poll. Are you in better shape.........(19 posts)

Quick Poll. Are you in better shape.........rtyszko
Oct 19, 2002 7:46 AM
today than you were 10 years ago? And by "shape" I mean physical (as opposed to financial, spiritual, etc.) You be the judge by what "better" is too. For example, I probably have a little bit less kick on a sprint (which I don't have much of to start with) and I certainly cannot hang around very long in a crit which I used to be able to do, but I feel much more at ease in a race and/or ride which I feel gives me better results (The reality is that my results are all equivilent though). IMO, I'm in better "shape" even though I'm 10 years older. It also helps that I don't weigh any more than I did 10 years ago, and that at my most recent physical my blod panels all came back just as good as they were 10 years ago.
re: No, but that's why I ride a bike.Akirasho
Oct 19, 2002 7:53 AM
Ten years ago, virtually all my physical attributes were at a peak... then genetics , age and bad "luck" combined to open a big can of Whoopass on me...

I suspect however, that without cycling, I'd be dead by now.

We abide.

Remain In Light.

Be the bike.
Ditto, Akirasho...n.m.koala
Oct 19, 2002 8:59 AM
Yes. Due to...jesse1
Oct 19, 2002 8:20 AM
...a promise I made at 49 yrs of age, that when I hit 50, I will be in better shape than the year before at 48. And I've continued to make that repeated yearly vow succesfully so far to age 52.
Also - I ride with guys that are 15 - 20 yrs younger than myself.
re: Quick Poll. Are you in better shape.........aliensporebomb
Oct 19, 2002 9:08 AM
I'm trying to get back to where I was.

If I lose weight I won't look bad at all.

Cycling sure has made me FEEL better though.
Feelin' Stronger EverydayTig
Oct 19, 2002 9:56 AM
Yep, that song sure dates me! 10 years ago I was still racing road, MTB, and track, so at 29 I was in incredible shape. I know that that ability will never return, but I can at least try to be as fit as my "current" body and available time will allow.

I have 2 assets now that I didn't have then... Better wisdom of my body and what it can and can't do. A much better knowledge of riding tactics and riding skills in general. Knowing how to conserve or when you can get away with hammering can be more valuable than just brute strength sometimes. I know I could out sprint myself of 10 years ago through pure tactics and self confidence, but the body 10 years ago was stronger and had a higher top end speed.

Ah, sometimes I wish I had that old body I had 10 years ago! Not just for cycling, but for overall good health. Cycling has helped me reverse some colon problems, but it is ineffective towards osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. When your bones and joints crumble away, it's hard to get them back. I'll keep on riding until I can't, and even then I'll keep on riding!
Forgot about recovery taking longer and longer! -nmTig
Oct 20, 2002 10:27 AM
10 years ago I was 8 years my answer would be yes :).Allen az
Oct 19, 2002 11:28 AM
Oct 19, 2002 12:11 PM
But then again your comparing me to when I was 9 and a chubby little kid. So it doesn't count.

Yes and no...Ron B
Oct 19, 2002 1:36 PM
I'm in much better cardiovascular shape than I was 10 years ago. I am however not nearly as strong as I was back then.

I was a collegiate thrower (shot put, discus and hammer) which meant that I didn't need to do things that lasted more than 10 seconds but had to be super strong.

I did my first mountain bike race about 7 years ago and it about killed me. 12 miles off road and my lungs burned until the next day.

Now days I've done 28 mile mountain bike races, centuries on the road and still feel OK after them (though centuries are the limit of my distance).

My strength however is much worse. I'm down from a 455 bench to mid 200's and squat down from upper 500's to who knows what since I don't squat anymore.

So yes, I'm in better shape now but I'm also in worse shape as well.
Absolutely - not even close. Maturity????? nmBrianNYC
Oct 19, 2002 2:05 PM
re: Sure....Rusty Coggs
Oct 19, 2002 2:32 PM
Much better.Even better tahn 20 or 30 years ago.Riding rocks,along with a few other things.
Better? No. Worse? No. Different? Yes.DeRanger
Oct 19, 2002 3:27 PM
Ten years ago I was a runner and roadie almost exclusively - now I still run (though fewer miles), mountain bike and paddle (and I'll be back on the pavement when my road bike is finished this winter), with a fair amount of weight lifting mixed in.

I spent some time the other night looking at some photos from about 10-12 years ago - I didn't realize at the time what a skinny punk I was back in the day. Now I'm bulkier and much stronger, but I've definitely lost a step from the sleeker me of my mid-twenties, though I would rate my endurance as just as good.

I think incorporating more sprints into my workouts sounds like a good idea - I'd like to get that step back.

yes, but.....Rom12_1
Oct 19, 2002 3:38 PM
not much to compare to back then. Too much partying. Unfortunately, then I was "serious" about a lot of the wrong things.
Yes, butStraightblock
Oct 19, 2002 5:34 PM
not better shape than I was 20 years ago. At that time I was a single apartment dweller and had been racing Cat 1 for a few years, ready to retire from racing. 10 years ago, I was a married homeowner with a toddler and another child on the way. Priorities had changed. Today I make time for cycling when I can, doing club rides, a couple of centuries a year, and riding with old teammates a few times a month. I'm also riding to control cholesterol levels that I never thought would be a problem for someone of my weight.
re: Yes sure.......Noam
Oct 20, 2002 3:56 AM
I am 58 ride +- 200k a week rest heart rate 54. Without cycling my cholesterol would have gone throgh the roof and would be gone.
no greater sport than spinning.
Nope, definitely worse. 3 cute kids, though. (nm)djg
Oct 20, 2002 10:29 AM
More miles, better bike, more group rides, almost 50 so about the sameChainstay
Oct 20, 2002 11:37 AM
May be in better shape than 30 years ago, too ...Humma Hah
Oct 21, 2002 6:20 AM
... Having ridden the same bike for 31 years, I can say, with confidence, that I'm in measurably better shape at age 49 than I was at age 19. I probably have lost a little in sprint ability, but within the last year or two I've climbed hills on it and ridden distance on it that would have KILLED me in my "prime", when I considered myself an avid cyclist.

Ten years ago I was barely riding at all, maybe 20 miles a year, and not in great shape.