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Body proportions and bike fit(2 posts)

Body proportions and bike fitfiltersweep
Oct 18, 2002 4:15 PM
I don't have a problem, but I've read several posts by men claiming to have "short torsos" regarding bike fit.

Don't most people who have long legs ALSO have long arms?

Doesn't this generally even things out? I don't mean to oversimplify the issue. I can see that being long legged with short arms could be a problem, regardless of torso...

One recent poster makes the statement: "I know I can get a higher seat post, but then the handlebars are too low." The seatpost really needs to be adjusted for pedal stroke and should have nothing to do with reach if we are talking about the vertical plane.

I don't mean to go against the grain here, but there are a few red flags here... and I know people here cite this "short torso" problem (and who am I to say?), but I think it is more of a myth unless you have Marfan's Syndrome. It seems most short torsoed riders can more easily bend their elbows of their long arms when grabbing the bars.

Do experienced riders who have owned several bikes, understand fit, and that have developed a good riding posture have this problem? All I know is that when I was new to riding, the top tube seemed way too long on my road bike. After a year and thousands of miles, I realized the entire frame was too small, that my body had adjusted to the road posture.

As an aside, the "brain trust" that runs the company I work for was trying to come up with a "policy" for determining how short a skirt was "too short." Several ideas were tossed around, including distance above the knee, etc. One woman suggested that a skirt must extend past the tip of the finger when the arms is extended straight against a woman's (presumably) side. Several women "tested" this idea, and their fingertips extended relatively close to their knees. When the owner's husband stepped into the room, everyone asked him to extend his arm. If he wore a skirt at that length, it would barely cover his crotch... which illustrates the difference between men and women. It also seems to show that women probably had a much easier time in Jr. high phys-ed with the toe touching stuff... ;)
re: Body proportions and bike fitdivve
Oct 19, 2002 12:26 AM
For me it's initially my shoulder distance to the handle bars that determines where I want them to be. Even if one would have extremely long arms in relation to a short torso you'd still like your arms to be at such an angle that they will comfortably support your weight.