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Fondriest and Lampre part ways......(8 posts)

Fondriest and Lampre part ways......african
Oct 18, 2002 11:02 AM
Fondriest stops sponsorship of Lampre
Biciclette Fondriest, S.R.L. has announced it will no longer be sponsoring the Lampre team, with the contract terminating on October 31, 2002.

"Team Lampre-Daikin's interest in primarily Italian and Eastern European riders is not in synergy with our market development initiatives, particularly in the US and the Western European countries," said Francesco Fondriest. "We were not able to come to terms on this issue with the management of Team Lampre-Daikin and as such have declined to renew our sponsorship of the team."

Maurizio Fondriest added that "We would like to thank all of the staff and riders at Team Lampre-Daikin for their excellent support and victories over the past few seasons. Fondriest has had great success in winning stages in all 3 Grand Tours, multiple Classic victories and the general classification of the 2001 Giro d'Italia."

Fondriest has been in negotiations with several UCI Division One teams during the past weeks and will announce future sponsorship initiatives as they develop.

So my question for those of you that are still reading this. I just got a team Lampre Fondriest, does this news increace the value of my bike or decreace it????
Oct 18, 2002 12:19 PM
From what I've seen of Frondiest's activities in the last couple of years he is very definitely aiming at the high end market and seems to be a shrewd marketer. (Thus the focus on western Europe and North America. He wants customers who can afford his stuff.) I expect you'll see his bikes under some other Division I team soon.

Any drop in value of your ride will be temporary, I think.
Oct 18, 2002 12:24 PM
I agree. Both Viner and Fondriest have jumped a few steps in their product placement efforts. Other than what is offered for Viner at gvh, you're looking at a very expensive frame set through a high end bike shop. Much more so than a few years ago.

I don't see your bike's value being effected at all.
Oct 18, 2002 2:14 PM
Ya thanks for the responce, when I get my digital back from loan to my Dad. I will take pictures of the frame and post it. I think it is one of the most unique looking bikes around. Still have to build it up though.
re: Fondriest and Lampre part ways......aliensporebomb
Oct 18, 2002 2:25 PM
A cool bike usually remains a cool bike, you know?
re: Fondriest and Lampre part ways......Traveller
Oct 18, 2002 6:28 PM
Kudos to Fondriest for taking a more global approach.
re: Fondriest and Lampre part ways......divve
Oct 18, 2002 11:58 PM
Unfortunately it will indeed decrease the value of such a bike considerably. The sad part is that it's basically only due to the so called "outdated" paint job. Therefore, when possible, I try to avoid purchasing products with a team color scheme. However attractive they might be. You just know the design is going to change for the next season, or even disappear completely.

BTW, discount sales of the bikes have already begun.
I guess at the end of the....african
Oct 19, 2002 8:01 AM
day it is just a bike and I must go ride it and I will be happy.