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Flite seats...(16 posts)

Flite seats...853
Oct 17, 2002 7:45 AM
Ok, so I finished my winter bike. Put together with parts that I had, parts that were donated, and used parts that I picked up cheap.

One of the parts my friend donated was a Flite gel saddle.
Wow, was I impressed. I thought I would never find a more comfy seat than my SLR. I've tried quite a few - Prolink,Max Flite Trans-am,San Marco Era,and many others till finaly an SLR seem to fit just fine.

The SLR is awesome for shorter rides, but on longer rides the edges seem to start bothering. I would just ignore this
as it was not that bothersome.

Now back to my new bike and that Flite - Perfect!
no edges, similar dimensions, no getting used to it, just a perfect fit.

Now I want to change the seat on my other bikes- Who cares about weight when you finally find comfort.(what my bike is going to be 17.2lbs as oposed to 16.8 w/ an SLR - big Wow!)

My question is - since I have to purchase two new saddles, Will the regular non gel version feel as good as the gel, or dare I say, feel even better?
What about the Lightweight version TT, does it have the same feel as these other versions? I guess the weight weenie inside me still wants light.

re: Flite seats...PEDDLEFOOT
Oct 17, 2002 7:58 AM
I've ridden both and did not really notice any difference between the gel and the standard Flite.I love both but as you know saddles are one of the most personal components you can purchase.If you really like the gel and didn't have a problem with the SLR then the Flite may fit nicely between those two models.
re: Flite seats...No_sprint
Oct 17, 2002 8:33 AM
I've got a brand new Flite if you're interested. Otherwise, it'll go up on Ebay in a couple weeks.
re: Flite seats...pmf1
Oct 17, 2002 8:37 AM
I've never tried the Flite gel saddle and tend to avoid products containing gel. To much cushioning is not always a good thing.

I'd guess the regular Flite will be between the two. Not as cushy as the Gel, or hard as the SLR.

I have regular Flite saddles on all my bikes and have been using them for years. Its the most comfortable saddle I've come across. Who cares about a few grams (funny, when I first tried a Flite, it was the new incredible light weight thing). Get one.
IMO gel is overrated.bikeridah
Oct 17, 2002 8:52 AM
Stick to the regular flite and save weight and $$!
re: Flite seats...Pricesregulajo
Oct 17, 2002 9:27 AM
If you end up buying a Gel Flite or just the Flite the best prices I found them for were at Supergo. $59.00 for the Gel Genuine Flite and $49.00 for the Flite. I find my Gel pretty comfortable. Good Luck.
re: Flite seats...u can have mine!peter1
Oct 17, 2002 9:30 AM
Heck, I'll you the Flite gel gathering dust on my mtb. Ouch! I prefer the Trans Am for the cutout.
I'll take it!Matno
Oct 18, 2002 3:43 AM
If you're serious, I'll pay shipping. (What color is it?) Email me:
What is your question?filtersweep
Oct 17, 2002 9:35 AM
If I were you, I'd wait a bit and see how you really like the Flite gel over the long run (vs. an initial impression). Also, if it is so perfect, just stick with it.

In my experience, I switched the other way, from a flite gel to a SLR and love the SLR. The gel spot on the flight ends up creating a soft spot with a relatively "hard" surround that can dig into the flesh. Also, the saddle shell of the SLR itself seems to flex better than the Flite. If I'm not mistaken, the SLR has a carbon shell, vs. the nylon shell of the Flite, and I believe that over time the nylon either stretches or fatigues, resulting in suffering performance.

Caveat: I am biased agains gels and cutouts... but also realize this is such a matter of personal taste. I'm also riding a carbon frame and post, and I might have much better results with an SLR because of it. I can't imagine riding an SLR with aluminum, for example...
BTW, Carbon is stiff. Nylon flexes, absorbs shock. (nm)Spunout
Oct 17, 2002 10:32 AM
and carbon doesn't?filtersweep
Oct 17, 2002 11:40 AM
I think the point of a carbon frame is also to absorb shock?

My SLR flexes... maybe it is the shell, maybe the rails... maybe both, but something is flexing... the shell is not shaped like a tube- wouldn't surprise me if it does flex.
and carbon doesn't?No_sprint
Oct 17, 2002 11:49 AM
The SLR shell flexes, that's why it's so comfortable in my opinion. Most saddles do not have this flex in them. The flex makes it a great choice on stiffer bikes, like aluminum, especially. I've got an SLR Evolution as well. Much less flex. It is carbon. I don't believe the shell on the SLR is carbon.
carbon shellfiltersweep
Oct 17, 2002 12:26 PM

The goal of ultra lightweight construction is fully achieved in the SLR. Just 160 grams with nothing sacrificed in terms of technical specifications. Thanks to a combination of features including carbon shell, padding fashioned from EVA (closed-cell foam weighing only 5 grams), and a featherweight tubular Titanium rail that weighs just 45 grams.
Flexy carbon fiber?czardonic
Oct 17, 2002 2:57 PM
My understanding is that carbon fiber does not transfer vibration as readily as some other materials (particularly AL). This is why super stiff carbon fiber frames and components can still take the "buzz" out of a rough ride.

That being said, the properties of CF vary greatly on how the matrix is designed.
I like my SLR....853
Oct 17, 2002 12:10 PM
I really don't see a need for Gel.
But this seems to be comfy. Maybe it will be more comfy without all the stitching and gel?Maybe the TT will have the same flex as the SLR and be even more comfy?

Like somebody said I'll wait a little longer to see if this seat will really work out, I've only done one long ride on it (4 hours). I have 1-1/2 years on my SLR without any real complaints. And I'm prety tired of trying out diffrent seats.
re: Flite seats...aliensporebomb
Oct 18, 2002 4:19 AM
My current roadie has a Selle Italia prolink. It's very
similar to a particular Gary Fisher mountain bike seat I've
ridden thousands of miles on but slightly nicer of course.

Then I saw an SLR on a bike in the LBS and found it was
even closer, so I'll eventually try one of those out to see
what it's like. I'll keep the Prolink but will likely try
the SLR since it looks pretty nice.

Never tried the flite - I try to avoid saddles with
embroidery and the like - it looks great but that stitch
might turn into a bottom-searing pain generator after 70
miles or so.