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i am a geek(15 posts)

i am a geekFrith
Oct 16, 2002 10:24 AM
I do it for a living. It's only natural that i transfer my geekisms over to my love for bikes.
I made a spreadsheet that calculates gram saved per dollar spent (GS/DS) based on the weights and prices listed on some online retailers. I've only really used it to calculate for ultegra vs. DA so far. Here's what i came up with:
brake calipers- 0.30 GS/DS
crankset- 0.53 GS/DS
rear deraileur- 0.76 GS/DS
bottom bracket- 4.85 GS/DS!!!
Anyone want anything calculated just let me know both weights and both prices.
Let the ridicule begin :)
You are very disturbed!PEDDLEFOOT
Oct 16, 2002 10:49 AM
Seek proffesional help. Way cool though!!!!(All in fun)
I thought that was normal...biknben
Oct 16, 2002 10:58 AM
1 dollar per gram saved is a deal in my book.
$1/gm is my rule of thumb for acceptable expense nmPdxMark
Oct 16, 2002 12:09 PM
Which is the inverse of Firth's format nmPdxMark
Oct 16, 2002 12:11 PM
re: i am a geekRaf1
Oct 16, 2002 11:35 AM
There's a website that calculated this for group packages (slowtwich or some other tri site I think).

And yes, from weigh standpoint, crank and bb is where you can get a lot of bang for the buck.
Oct 17, 2002 9:54 AM
The crankset is the single most expensive "upgrade" between Ultegra and DA (and the greatest weight savings)... isn't it about an extra $100? There is truly no performance difference, unlike shifter/deraileurs.

Ultimately, I think the best bang for the buck from a purely financial/performance perspective is DA deraileurs and shifter- Ultegra BB, crankset, brakes. Maybe costs $60-100 more than pure Ultegra.
can you light up your spreadsht with a few common wheelsetscurtybirdychopper
Oct 16, 2002 12:03 PM
frith, how about you take a look at some of the more common (or just a variety of) wheelsets. let us know which are worthwhile upgrades based on cost, weight alone. thanks.
Long Live the Spreadsheet!liebejungen
Oct 16, 2002 12:05 PM
Glad to hear I am not the only overly analytical spinner who exhibits this rather abnormal behavior known in technical terms as "Chronic/Obsessive Spreadsheet Syndrome"...

Well Done!
you guys seem to like the dollar per gram measureFrith
Oct 16, 2002 12:28 PM
so i did a little fiddling and here's what i came up with...
$/G is the new measurement. Obviously a low number is more desirable in this case...

ultegra vs da
brake calipers- $3.68/G
crankset- $1.89/G
rear deraileur- $1.32/G
bottom bracket- $0.21/G
Any way you look at it 21 cents per gram for the new BB is the best deal.... a couple of wheel sets coming up...
being a geek is good...phlegm
Oct 16, 2002 12:43 PM
It's alright. I once calculated how much power I had to expend in various gears when climbing the local long hill on my mountain bike.
Oct 16, 2002 1:05 PM
Someone wanted a wheelset comparisons so i figured i'd do one that applies to a decision i'm going to be making in the not so distant future.
Lets say i want to buy a giant tcr composite 1 (which i do)
the only thing i want to do is upgrade the wheels from cosmos to ksyriums like the tcr 0 (which i do).
I plug the numbers into my spreadsheet and realize that the upgrade is going to cost me $1.35/g (ouch)... so i realize my limitations and decide that i want to upgrade to the american classic 420 at an upgrade cost of $0.65/g (not bad at all).
Unfortunately the spreadsheet doesn't calculate the pretty factor :-).
Let me know what other wheelsets you want me to compare.
thanks frith, wheel upgrades are half benefit/cost of ...curtybirdychopper
Oct 16, 2002 2:14 PM
bottom brackets, but still generally worthwhile. thanks, good to know!
DA vs Ultegra vs 105 (nm)blehargh
Oct 16, 2002 10:07 PM
Hey Frith why not a complete listbigrider
Oct 17, 2002 4:15 AM
I would love to see comparisons between 105 and dura ace as well as ultegra. If you look at the weights you are throwing away money on brakes levers between 105 and ultegra.