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BeBop Pedals(2 posts)

Oct 16, 2002 4:19 AM
Anybody hear of or have experience with BeBop pedals.They're similair to Speedplay except they look more like a hollow ring rather than a disc.
A set on each of my bikes...PT
Oct 16, 2002 10:06 AM
..., a Moots YBB (mtb), a Cannondale tandem (mountain), and my Merlin road bike. I also move a set from the tandem to my single speed when I take that out. Anyway, I absolutely swear by them, particularly on the road bike. They have completely free float and I have never released accidently (like while flailing away out of the saddle during a sprint). I have the cleat mated to a Sidi Energy shoe for the road and it works very well. The only drawback to Bebops that I have found is that the cleat is a bit large and walking around on it, even with my off-road shoe, isn't real smooth. However, they're really no worse than any other cleat on a road shoe, and once you take the shoe off-road, the cleat isn't an issue anymore -- just a little loud and clunky on cement and tiled floors. The pedal and cleat are light, strong, and incredibly functional -- what more could you want?