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stem confusion(2 posts)

stem confusionpedalman
Oct 15, 2002 1:57 PM
I need a new stem to replace my colnago ergo light stem.I got refitted and was told I needed a 100mm 90 degree.When I went comparison shopping companies show wide variation on how the relate degree-itm 80degree,easton 0 and 10 degree,others -17 etc.My ergolight stem is a 110mm with an adjustable bushing80,90,100 made by itm. What is the best way to compare stems so I know Ill be better off with my new stem or should I just by a 100 colnago stem.Its easy to justify paying for good components but Im not sure the colnago branded stem is any better and wouldnt mind saving some money.
need more info....C-40
Oct 16, 2002 9:16 AM
You forgot to note what angle you are using now.

Colnago changed the design of their stem a couple of years ago. They used to provide two bushings. One straight bushing for 80 or 100 degrees (stem flipped upside down), and a 5-degree angled bushing to permit 75, 85 , 95 or l05 degree angles. Now they provide only the 5-degree bushing (at least on the one I ordered from Chicagoland Bicycle). With either stem, you can't get a 90 degree angle.

A 0 degree stem is the same as a 90, -17 is the same as a 73, -10 is the same as an 80.

When trying for a specific bar height, you also have to consider the steering tube clamp length. Stems like the Ritchey WCS are taller than the Colnago/ITM stem. If you have at least 6mm of spacer under your ITM stem, the steering tube will be long enough for a Ritchey, if not, the steering tube will be too short.

If you change the angle by 10 degrees and shorten the stem 10mm, the bars will be about 16mm higher. Is that what you want?

If you were to buy an 80 degree stem, and flip it to 100 degrees, the bars would be raised 32mm, and but the reach would also be shortened by nearly 20mm, not 10mm.

Were you refitted due to discomfort? If so, it's only a guess that the new length and height will solve your problem. There is no standard that a fitter can apply and guarantee the it's right for you. For riders of identical size, there are large variations in bar height and reach that will produce a comfortable fit.