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Sunday's ride to Eagan, MN and back....(5 posts)

Sunday's ride to Eagan, MN and back....aliensporebomb
Oct 15, 2002 6:26 AM

A Bike Ride

By Todd Madson (c) 2002

My friends Todd and Paul and I went on a ride from Bloomington to Eagan Minnesota and back by way of the Cedar Avenue Bridge pedestrian crossing and obtained these (see link) pictures during the ride.

This is a test to see if I can do this sort of thing again in the
future....I've never tried HTML formatting so extensively in a
message to a board somewhere. Anyway....

The actual pictures you can click on and get a bigger picture with a captain and photo credit. Then click the bigger photo to go back to the index. To go back to my site click here

During the ride, we headed out there at a rather fast clip with a
great tailwind until the temperature dropped 15 degrees, the tailwind turned into a headwind and life became difficult.

But we saw some interesting sights: gorgeous fall colors, a fast
radio controlled model boat, the many hills of Eagan and only one
other cyclist on the road.

Total ride was 23-24 miles depending on whose bike computer you consulted at the time. Enjoy. (Scroll down a bit to see the pics).












My stompin groundsripSRV
Oct 15, 2002 9:08 AM
I ride from Richfield to Eagan commuting almost every day. On the way home I normally ride through Mendota Heights and cross the river on Hwy 55 and go down through Ft. Snelling and up Post Rd.

I might be the guy you saw on Sunday. I plan to keep on riding until the ice gets dangerous. TC
My stompin groundsaliensporebomb
Oct 15, 2002 9:22 AM

The guy we saw was on the uphill leg along 494 heading
towards Bloomington.

The guy was riding a compact framed roadie and was wearing
some kind of windbreaker and had fresher legs than the three
of us put together!

In fact, at the time the guy passed me I was starting to
lose it a little bit and started drifting into the left
side of the lane so I hear a funny noise.

Finally, it resolves to "On your left" and I thought
it was Paul bugging me. Not!

So I drift to the right and this guy passes us like we're standing still!

We stopped to take pics and refreshen a bit, that wind was
just merciless. Cold and windy just doesn't work well with

It was one of those rides you're glad to do but I've felt a
lot more powerful on the bike on longer rides earlier in the

I think I was tired since the day before I did a
really ridiculous super fast 10 miler and I went all out
and I was sort of sore the next day.

At least I hit my season high for speed though.....
Nice Ride ToddScot_Gore
Oct 15, 2002 10:33 AM
One of my occasional rides is 494 across river, east across Eagan to Butler Ave., South along the river on So. St. Paul MUT, back West on Upper 55th and Salem Church, back over 494 and home. Nice rolling roads for the majority of the route.

Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing.

Sunday Ride to AftonNelZ
Oct 15, 2002 11:12 AM
Enjoyed the pics from your ride. Thanks.

I was out solo around the same time on Sunday, headed to Afton from Woodbury. Going east parallel I-94 and experienced fast cruising speeds because of the strong tailwind. Knew it was going to be trouble as my route started to go into the wind traveling south along the St. Croix River. Fighting the wind the whole way climbing out from Afton and back to Woodbury. Great scenary, plenty of climbs, and covered about 32 miles. Sorry I have no pictures.