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Sidi Customer service?(7 posts)

Sidi Customer service?GMS
Oct 14, 2002 1:16 PM
How do you contact these guys and get an answer?

I have a pair of shoes which is fine except for the right Ultra buckle, which appears to have a manufacturer's defect. The retailer wants to exchange the entire shoe, but I don't want to because I like them and I've used them.

I have emailed them using the form on their site, and I've emailed them at the address suggested by their 1-800 number voice message (for warranty). I understand the buckles aren't really warranteed, but this is a brand new, time = 0 defect, so hopefully they will replace the one buckle. If not, the retailer will still take them but I'd prefer not to do that.

I've heard of people successfully contacting Sidi about their heel pads falling out on the first ride, etc. What channel did you use to accomplish this?

re: Veltec Importsteoteoteo
Oct 14, 2002 1:22 PM
I work for Sidi Dealer. They are imported in the US by a company called Veltec sports. Try looking them up. You can get individual buckles as at my shop we stock them because we don't want people trying to bring in their funky smellin' shoes.
re: (nm)teoteoteo
Oct 14, 2002 1:25 PM
Veltec is who I've contacted (by design of Sidi's site)GMS
Oct 14, 2002 2:12 PM
Yeah, I should have mentioned that every form of communication from points to Veltec. The 1-800 number I called is also Veltec. Nobody has gotten back to me yet.

I've got plenty of experience with that...dcm311
Oct 14, 2002 5:52 PM
If Al (man, I've waranteed enough SIDI stuff that I feel I'm on a first name basis with him), the head of Veltec sports, won't replace your buckle, they've been gods to me. Through their little e-mail box I've had two techno buckles replaced and three microlock buckles replaced. I also had to warantee a pair of road shoes, but I did that through the dealer. I've found SIDI has incredible customer service, but their product falls apart, so I've had to use it waaaaaaaaay too much. Their shoes are quite comfortable and all the gimickly mechanical closures work awesome--until they break. Anyway, to answer your quetsion, just use the e-mail box and they'll ship it to you.
Email boxGMS
Oct 14, 2002 6:20 PM
By email box, do you mean -> About Us -> Contact Us? That's what I did about 2 weeks ago and I haven't received a response. Do they get back to you or do they just send stuff to you?

I also didn't register my shoes yet, because I think there'd be something wrong about registering them and then being forced to return them to the store... Is that a problem?

Thanks a lot.
Email boxdcm311
Oct 15, 2002 8:37 PM
That's the e-mail box of which I speak. If you still can't get a response E-mail me and I'll send you Veltec (Al's) e-mail address. As I right this I'm fixing my replacement Techno buckle that i put on a week ago.