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Road bikers are a$sholes? Not!(9 posts)

Road bikers are a$sholes? Not!Bill is in Denver
Oct 13, 2002 10:29 AM
So this morning I'm feeling pretty good..about 5 miles into the ride. Heart is pounding, lungs are complaining about that last hill..legs are burning for the same reason and I'm smiling out at the mountains and clear blue skies.

Psssssshhhhhhhh...thump thump thump

Oh yeah, you know what I'm saying. Look down and you guessed it..rear tire is flat. Hmmm. Normally not that big a deal..but today I was feeling froggy so I left the tool kit, spare tube etc home. Now I'm five miles of walking from them. Well dammit. Didn't take to long to figure out that walking in bike shoes sucks...even if you walk in the then I'm ruining a pair of socks but walking along still admiring what a great day it is.

Past rides a guy on a roadbike. He stops asks if I'm ok, I said sure just got a flat and don't have the kit with biggie. Despite my saying no, and before I could stop the guy he yanked off my rear tire, put in his spare tube and was pumping it up. Being from a bike shop I'm sure he realized he would get it done faster than me (and that he did) and poof he was gone.

Don't let people convince you that we're all jerks. I road the bike back home (couple miles) put more air in the back, grabbed my kit (because when I learn a lesson it takes at least a week to forget it) and off I go to finish my ride.

Hope I get to return the favor for someone else at some point.

re: Road bikers are a$sholes? Not!TREKY
Oct 13, 2002 11:19 AM
Good to hear.I've found that anytime I've stopped along the road or trail,the only people to ask if I'm ok are the roadies.I think it's because we've all been in that situation before and know what a pain it is.Glad everything worked out for you.
I bet this made your day!!'s good to carry a spare....[nm]bent_spoke
Oct 13, 2002 1:14 PM
re: Road bikers are a$sholes? Not!Wheat
Oct 13, 2002 1:51 PM
Stereotype of the classes..
Roadbike- snobby, self centered, materialistic, unfriendly..
MTB- Friendly, give you shirt off back, there to have fun..

It's amazin to go home and swap bikes and my personality changes. (according to the masses)
Quite honestly most roadbikers are friendly and will give the shirt off their back for you. Hope if I ever need any help it will be there. You have my word it will be there from me...
I've seen it quite a bit too.Tig
Oct 13, 2002 1:57 PM
If you happen to know which shop he works at, you could always return the favor by giving him a spare of your own. Maybe even buy a few from his shop. I like to reward such good people when possible. They usually are happy with just a "thanks" and won't accept anything.

I always ask a stopped rider if they have everything or need help. Some do it while riding by full blast. Its hard to hear the response at 24+!
I've seen it quite a bit too.Shadow11
Oct 13, 2002 2:57 PM
I've keep a tube or 2, pump and some levers in my trunk for quite a while now, just in case. Had the fortunate experience to have benefted from such a good samaritan (My buddy and I had already gone through 3 tubes and a of those days..)
I would have helped you, too, but unless I was close to home...Uncle Tim
Oct 13, 2002 3:06 PM
...I would have patched your tube.

We all have to help each other because, no matter how good you get at cycling, stuff happens.
We're jerks who love to show off our tire chang'n skills(nm)Breakfast
Oct 13, 2002 4:22 PM
Yeah, we're jerksmickey-mac
Oct 13, 2002 4:34 PM
Last winter I was riding on a rear tire that was at the end of its useful and got a flat. I got a flat, changed everything, and went to pump. Doh! The day before, I put my frame pump on my other bike and forgot to switch it back. I walked three miles up and down hills in Sidis looking for anyone with a pump, to no avail. Then I saw a house with, get this, a Litespeed tandem sitting in the driveway. The couple at the house was in the garage. I asked if they had a pump I could borrow; they opened the gate and let me in. While I was using the pump, the guy notice the condition of my back tire and told me he had some extra tires in the garage if I wanted one. I thanked him profusely but let him know I could make my way 3 or 4 miles home on my old tire. The percentage of jackasses who ride road bikes is no higher than the percentage of jackasses in the general population. The percentage of good-hearted roadies is no lower than the percentage of good-hearted people in the general population.