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Paging Gregory Taylor(7 posts)

Paging Gregory Taylorsn69
Oct 12, 2002 4:48 AM
Did you take a look at the Dean Virtual Booth? They have their version of the Ottrot/Odonata/Cielo posted. The lugwork is nowhere nearly as nice as the Cielo, but the price point could be far more competitive.

This provides further insight into their decision to dump all of their non-ti frames. They are trying to establish themselves in the high end market niche as well as in the value-minded ti market.

So...what's the latest on your bike? Spectrum? Spectrum? Bueller? Bueller?....

Uh, present and accounted for, sir!Gregory Taylor
Oct 13, 2002 9:11 AM
Yup, looks like our pals at Dean are trying to move in on the higher-end Ti market. Good luck to 'em. It's an interesting niche - USA made handbuilt Ti. Above Airborne and Mongoose, below Merlin and Moots. Looks like they are attempting to poach customers willing to shell out Lightspeed - sized dollars who are looking for a bike from a "smaller" builder.

I talked with John on Friday...they were just getting back from Interbike. He said that they had a good Interbike, and that their stuff was well-received.

My bike is due to be shipped on Wednesday. Hale - effing - lulia! Figure a week or so to ship, It should be built-up just in time for the cold weather.

How're things on your end of town?
Whoo-hoo....'bout time that bike got to you.sn69
Oct 13, 2002 10:01 AM
I actually rode today for the first time outside since NOLA took the two storms. Between the mess they left along Lake Ponchatrain (one of the few safe places to ride in New Orleans) and the mess they left in my house, it took a while to afford the luxury of riding.

I agree with your appraisal of Dean. More power to them. I think that the ED and ED CTI will continue to be exceptional values in high quality ti, and I hope they find their way into the higher-end markets. Personally, I now regard my humble Culebra as something of a rarity.

Good luck with the build!
Oh! That's Right! You guys got POUNDED by the storm..Gregory Taylor
Oct 13, 2002 4:52 PM
Did you guys ride out the storm? Hope any damage was minimal... Actually, I shouldn't be so charitable given the way that your Saints just handled the Redskins. Ugly.
Screw the Aints...I'm a Chargers fansn69
Oct 13, 2002 5:13 PM
No chance to ride in either storm. The first was a rain event...25 inches in five hours in my subdivision, 6 inches of which ended up in my house. The second storm was a wind critter, and although it fortuitously missed NOLA, we still drew 60 mph sustained winds with higher gusts. Really ugly.

Thus, riding has been something of a comodity of late.

Different topic--reconfiguring my Dean. My background is almost totally tri, specifically pursuit/aero bars. This is my first foray into drops bars and STIs. Frankly, I don't like them. I currently have them set-up really high, which relieves any possibility of back/flexibility issues. By way of comparison, I'm currently on a 58cm frame with a 120mm +6 stem and 4cm (!!) of stack. My old tri rig was a 56 with a 110 +6 and 2cm of stack. It's not the height that I have issues with. In fact, I just bought a tube/pipe cutter to snip the sucker down to height (gotta reset the star nut too).

I don't like the feel of the STIs. Converting to Campy is too much $ right now, and more hassle than I want. I'm thinking about putting on a shorter stem (100mm), sliding the seat forward beyond KOPS, and putting Syntace Stratos 0 drop pursuit bars with medium Streamliner aerobars. I don't want to reconvert to bar-ends until I know if it works. I've run the numbers, and they, combined with my long femurs, suggest that this will work (along with some seat height adjustments). I'm wondering if it's worth the effort. I keep looking at the red aero-equipped Culebra on Dean's site, and I think it might be the ticket.

Your thoughts?
The Red Aero Dean is sweet...Gregory Taylor
Oct 13, 2002 5:52 PM
It sounds like you are REALLY stretched out over the bike, compared to your old rig. As it sits now, you are starting out with a bar that is at least 30mm farther out than your old rig. The shorter stem would help with comfort when riding drop bars. How about popping for the short stem first, and see what you think about drop bars after giving it a try?

If you don't like STI (lots of folks don't) and don't want to convert to Campy right now, one of the advertisers here is pushing Dura Ace downtube shifters for pretty cheap. You could set it up with these, play with the position, and then plop for some bar end shifters when you get the position dialed.

I'm 6' with short legs and a long-ish torso, so I ride a relatively small frame (54cm) with a long stem (120mm). I prefer my bars to be set about 1" below saddle level. When I'm in the drops and pedaling, my knees miss my elbows by about an inch. Saddle wise, I've gone the opposite direction from you and set it a bit farther back from KOP. I stay seated for most climbs and like to "get behind" a gear and push. This set up is a total anathema to you tri-guys.
The Red Aero Dean is sweet...sn69
Oct 13, 2002 6:48 PM
Actually I'm not all that stretched out. I can ride either a 60 or a 58. I'm 6'2" with a farily even height distribution between my torso and my legs, although my upper legs are quite long. I've got 1.5 inches of drop and roughly the same knee to elbow distance as you. The bike is dialed in well, I think. By way of comparison, my first tri bike was 60 'Dale 2.8 with a 75 deg STA and a 58 TT. My Softride was a 56 with a 78 STA and 55 TT. Typical tri bike fitting takes you down 1 to 2 sizes for most body types (hyper agressive advocates suggest going even smaller, but that really stresses the lower back IMO).

I've looked into alternate harndlebar designs, but I really think the culprit is the shape of the STI hoods. They don't fit my hands very well. Hindsight is always 20/20--I should have gone with Chorus. Well, OK, I SHOULD have gone with an Ottrot with Record and LEWs, but I wanted to stay in the black with husband credit. =)

I've considered the downtube shifters. They've got a certain retro-grouch appeal that I like, and some Record carbon brake levers would look really cool. I also typically stay seated when climbing. Well, that's not entirely true. When I LIVED in San Diego I DID. There are no hills here and our tiny canal bridges don't count. I'm a masher nonetheless, but I've always sat well ahead of KOPS on my tri-geo bikes. This is my first time sitting in that posit. I don't particularly mind it. What I really like about the bike is the balance. Tri bikes never have quite the same natural feel.

I think I will most likely go with the stem and the Stratos bars first, since they won't require any retooling of cables or shifters. All together it'll cost less than $100. Comfort aside, I'm set on keeping ahold if this silly blue bike as long as I can. I like having the last of a breed (respectful moment of silence for your prematurely murdered rig).