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Postage Price(4 posts)

Postage PriceAeroTom
Oct 12, 2002 12:40 AM
Hi people,

What's up with Supergo's high shipping price?

I live in Australia and it costs US$285 to ship a bike here!

I'm looking at the Scattante 2003 R-550 which is great value and looks cool too. :)

Could someone Australia please answer this question: I'm looking at buying a road bike no more than AUS$1500. I would love to buy the Scattante, but with that absurd postage price, I don't think so. So what other bikes would you recommend? Nothing to crash hot, I don't race.

I am considering the Avanti Vivace at the moment, but that Scattante is soooo sweet! :)

re: Postage Pricemoabbiker
Oct 12, 2002 3:07 PM
Actually, it's about right. They will only ship by a courier since US postal parcel post cannot provide tracking information; in fact, package size might be too big for that option anyways. Even for UPS air shipments to Hawaii it costs $150, so it's no surprise for foreign countries being nearly twice that..
re: Postage Pricedesmo
Oct 12, 2002 7:27 PM
If you can get the box dimensions and the weight, you can go to and find out what the actual postage would be. If it's a huge difference get sombody to buy it at their store and ship it to you. Or stop being a cheapskate and just get the damn thing.
re: Postage PriceAeroTom
Oct 12, 2002 8:15 PM
Thanks guys, I've got some relatives in the US so I might see if Desmo's link gives me a better postage price.

And stop being a cheapskate? Hahahha, if I did I think my friends would probably never recognise me. :) I'm a uni student, a poor uni student. :)