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If I may pick your brains on this cadence thing again....(3 posts)

If I may pick your brains on this cadence thing again....joekm
Oct 11, 2002 9:10 AM
Okay, I've made a few post in the past regarding riding cadence. I've gotten lots of good info both from here and people in my bike club. Been working on maintaining 80-85 cadence on the flats and it's been a learning curve.

Today, due to weather, I was on the rollers for the first time since I decided to run this cadence. Not surprisingly, it's fairly easy to maintain 80-85 rpm on the rollers. What did surprise me is that I had a hard time managing my heart rate - even with a fairly low gear. In fact, my average speed was only 17.8 mph, and even then I had to stop twice to wait for my heart to come back into target range (30 minute ride during my lunch break).

My resting heart rate is typically around 55 bpm and, in the past, I've always focused on leg strength. Is this just a question of under-developed slow-twitch muscles, or is it something else?

Advice is appreciated.....
With any new approach it will take time...MrCelloBoy
Oct 11, 2002 9:41 AM
for you body to acccept the change.

I believe it will get easier soon.
It's axiomatic thatscottfree
Oct 11, 2002 10:47 AM
spinning taxes your heart/lungs, mashing taxes your muscles. Given that cardio conditioning is the most rapid you can do, I'd say you'll be fine in short order if you keep at it.

As a suggestion: If spinning is something you really want to do but find difficult to develop, try one-legged drills. These are best done on a trainer. Clip in one foot, prop the other on a stool or something, and just turn circles with the clipped-in foot. Maybe a hundred reps, whatever, then switch feet.

You'll find yourself choppy and jerky at first, especially over the top of the stroke, but just keep at it. Soon -- VERY soon -- you will smooth out. This will amazingly translate into a genuine spin once you get out on the road, because your muscle memory will have kicked in and each leg will remember how to pedal circles, pulling through at the bottom on the stroke and keeping smooth contact over the top.

A month or so of one-legged rills will have you spinning like a damn top.

Do a search on the topic here. It's been discussed at length. Good luck.