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Input on ( Giant MCR vs Martec/RA/BP-2)(4 posts)

Input on ( Giant MCR vs Martec/RA/BP-2)cycleforever
Oct 11, 2002 7:05 AM
I've been wanting an exotic frame for TT's that is not necessarily UCI legal. My choices has been narrowed down to the Giant MCR and the Martec/RA/Bp-2. Does anyone have any input on these 2 frames good and bad? This is a pic I found on the web
re: Input on ( Giant MCR vs Martec/RA/BP-2)cycleforever
Oct 11, 2002 7:08 AM
Here's the pic
i have a mcrstr8dum1
Oct 11, 2002 8:34 AM
i've done 25:10 20k in asheville, nc and 20:27 10 miles at lowes motor speedway on one. so they can be kinda fast (although 2 other local TT'er's can go a minute faster on Cervelo P2s and Cyfac altrec 2 chrono bikes)

besides times, i'd say dont buy either. my mcr is the biggest POS to work on. wanna use bigger than 53 CR? better have a dremel (55t is the biggest i could ever fit). Heavier than 170 pounds? forget it, i'm 160 and when i stand up at a start i flex the chain stays enough to cause the the chain to skip. wanna put a new fork on, have fun since it uses a non standard headset.

anyhow, i fit mine well and go pretty fast so ohh well.
re: Input on ( Giant MCR vs Martec/RA/BP-2)Carbon fiber fanatik
Oct 11, 2002 4:25 PM
Totally love my martec. It may not be the lightest bike on the planet, but who cares. It is stiff (I'm no flyweight either) comfy enough for centuries (I know first hand) And is very cool to look at when cruising really, really quick. Chucks bikes has the frame set for $395.00. So far, I have over 3k on the frame without a prob. Since I do live in michigan, I have to contend with really crappy roads and the bike has been totally awesome thus far. I'm going to keep it till it implodes.

For giggles? It's full dura-ace, hed 3's and this pic dont show, but corima seatpost and profile carbon x bars.