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"Hot Deals" Dura Ace down tube shifters @ rivercitybikes(4 posts)

"Hot Deals" Dura Ace down tube shifters @ rivercitybikesBarnyard
Oct 10, 2002 5:49 PM
I ordered these over a month ago for 20 dollors. Since it's been over a month and they have not responded to any of my e-mail inquiries, it's starting to look like a deal that's to good to be true. Anyone have any experience with River city bikes?
Now I don't feel so bad...Matno
Oct 10, 2002 8:30 PM
...that I bought a pair on eBay for $26 right before that deal started. Suddenly, I thought I was suckered. Now, I'm happier. (But bummed for you). Bad communication is a pain. Actually, my shifters were lost in the mail (package arrived torn in half!), but the seller was able to get insurance coverage and send me a new set. Took about a month, but in the end I was happy.
re: "Hot Deals" Dura Ace down tube shifters @ rivercitybikesvarmit
Oct 11, 2002 3:45 AM
I ordered two sets of these shifters. I recieved them in about four days. No problems. I know that this does not help you any though, sorry. My guess is that they got a deal on a bunch of these shifters and when they sold out of them, they had to reorder at a higher price.
Try bikefarmer.comzmarke
Oct 16, 2002 1:13 PM
I just ordered mine!