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converting Campione to city bike(2 posts)

converting Campione to city bikeSuddha
Oct 10, 2002 9:25 AM
I am turning my old Bianchi to a commuter/city/casual bike. I put some Ritchey MTB pedals on, a suspension seat post and MTB saddle...

I found some Vittoria 700/35C city tires with a bit of tread on them and mounted them on a set of Mavic CXP221 rims. Front wheel fit fine. Rear wheel, the top of the tire rubbed on the bottom of the brake caliper. "Who needs a rear brake?" I though, and off it went... Remounted the wheel. Damn! The tire still rubs - on the welded arch that the brake mounts to. Apparently this bike won't take tires with a higher profile than a 700/25C road tire. Bummer. Back to high psi slicks.

Maybe I'll have to try some touring tires or something. But it's a tight clearance there.
re: converting Campione to city bikeFredrico
Oct 10, 2002 11:58 AM
Hey, I bet you could get a 28C on there. That's all I've ever needed. 28Cs will handle nicely any combined rider-pack weight of less than 200#, anyway. I've been knocking about Washington DC on and off for 18 years on 28Cs. Air 'em up to 105-110 psi. and they can handle the steel plates just fine. Hope your Bianchi has room for narrow fenders, though. Ya gotta have fenders for an all-purpose-commuter-city bike.

Have fun, no matter how you go.