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Fixed gear question.....(7 posts)

Fixed gear question.....mlester
Oct 10, 2002 5:27 AM
I've heard comments made on this board about fixed gears bikes and going over the bars....

Why does this happen when you stop pedaling?? Or does that happen on a one-speed?? Or are they the same thing?? I am so confused as I only have one bike and haven't had the experience of riding a fixed gear yet.

re: Fixed gear question.....GTDave
Oct 10, 2002 5:40 AM
On a fixed gear bike, the crank is turning any time the rear wheel is movng (no coasting allowed). If you stop pedaling, the crank does not automatically stop, so the momentum that is built up in the crank/wheel system is what throws you. This is an inelegant explanation. The first time you forget and try to coast on the fixie, all will be made clear (in a hurry).
A single-speed freewheel bike does not have this feature and you can coast with impunity.
A single speed has a freewheel-a fixed does not.MB1
Oct 10, 2002 5:45 AM
You can coast on a single speed. On a fixed gear as long as the wheels are rolling the pedals are moving (your drivetrain is "fixed").

I find that if I try to coast on my fixte I am forced out of the saddle until I relax my legs-a very odd feeling but not much of a problem. If you are going really fast down a hill when you make this error......pretty rare to do actually.
The first fixed foray felt funny and fabulousbigrider
Oct 10, 2002 6:29 AM
You never, and I mean never forget the feeling of panic when you quit pedaling on that first ride and and you get shot off your seat and you feel like you are going to fly over the handlebars. After that you don't really think about it that much.
Two ways to "coast" on a fixiebrider
Oct 10, 2002 6:55 AM
First, the whole launching-over-the-bars thing on a fixie is due to the tendency of a roadie to lock one leg at the bottom of the pedal stroke when they coast. Well, the momentum of the bike and rider will keep the pedals turning, and the locked leg will then lift the body. At that velocity, it just keep going, and will launch you pretty far. I've never done it myself (knock on wood), but I've seen it done. Not pretty.

You can "coast" on a fixie, though. First, just relax the legs and let the pedals turn them. I find that keeping the ankles loose helps a lot, as the feet will move much easier than the entire leg. Also, if you're quick, you can unclip your feet and let the pedals go without your feet attached. Only do this if you have brakes on your fixie. Getting the feet back on rotating pedals can be a challenge, however.
NEVER remove feet from pedals on a fixed while moving!!(nm)onespeed
Oct 10, 2002 7:00 AM
Didn't say it was a GOOD idea... (nm)brider
Oct 10, 2002 7:26 AM