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Found it last night(1 post)

Found it last nightZonPlyr
Oct 10, 2002 3:50 AM
Last night was one of "those" rides. Started out well, kind of stiff but glad to be on the bike. I ride in Michigan so we don't have lots of hills but I have one nice long climb on my route.

Climbing the hill on the way out i had that burning leg, god this feels good sensation the propelled me through the next phase of my ride.

Then it happened, I was riding along and I saw some movement in the cornfield ahead of me, i slowed a bit to make sure I had time to react if something jumped out at me. Sure enough, 3 absolutely gorgeous white-tail deer stepped into the road in front of me. They turned and looked at me long enough to gauge my speed and distance then turned and bounded into the woods across the road, but as I road by i saw them watching me with a look like "man that looks fun".

Felt so great that going back down the hill on the way to the house I just coasted, went back to when I was 9 years old cruising, even unclipped and stuck my feet out to the side to feel the wind.

I found the zone, it's been a long time coming.