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Road bike geometry - please explain the differences.(3 posts)

Road bike geometry - please explain the differences.treeman
Oct 9, 2002 9:02 AM
It seems each bike company comes up with their own marketing hype as to why their bike geometry is better (ie. Lemond). Different head/seat tube angles, different top tube lengths, bottom bracket heights, etc.. Please explain to me (if possible) if I can decide on the ride characteristics/fit of a bike by looking at it's geometry specs..

If that is not possible, at least get me a general idea how one geometry might be different (better) than another for a particular use or body type.
Thank you
You can'tEager Beagle
Oct 9, 2002 9:10 AM
really tell from the specs - you have to ride them.

There are general rules - steeper forks = faster steering/less stable at speed, steeper seat tube=further forward=more aggressive, shorter wheelbase=faster steering -but they are very general rules - it all depends on the overall combinations.

In general, Lemonds are said to be more "relaxed" in feel - more behind the pedal for crusing, rather than an attacking sprinting type of bike. That said, the newer ones may have changed.

Most would say that the relationship between seat tube lenth and top tube length is the most important, and the biggest factor in deciding what will fit you.

Riding them's best. You can also get a bio fit, which will tell you what set-up you need, then you can look at the frame measurements the get you close. However, unless you are towards the ends of the bell-curve, most frames can be tweaked with stem/bars/seat post to fit, so long as you have the correct basic frame size. If not - it's custom..
If anybody satisfactorally explains the differencesdzrider
Oct 9, 2002 10:07 AM
We'll have lots less to write about. The only two measurements I'm sure of are:

Low bottom bracket and long wheel base = comfort

There are likely people who disagree with those.