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melton bike frames?(4 posts)

melton bike frames?ishmael
Oct 9, 2002 7:57 AM
I've been searching for a single speed/track bike and it seems I'm buying a Melton with rynolds tubing. I cant find much on the internet about Meltons other than someone of the same name(probably the same one) made olympic frames for Huffy and also a couple of tandems. From what it seems I'm getting a great deal on a classic English bike. But I dont really care, I'm into high zoot fancy year 2003 stuff. Maybe someone here knows about him and can get me into it. Also, what are those cranks?
Memory strain, but...Eager Beagle
Oct 9, 2002 8:10 AM
I think if you are thinking of Mike(or was it Mark)Melton, I don't think that he has anything to do with Melton cycles in the UK.

I'm fairly sure that they are named for the place they were made, Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. You see a few about at sales in the UK, but they are all realy old now.

I have a feeling that there is one in our club somewhere - I'll see what I can find out (it's amazing what there old guys know).

Looks like a OK ride though.
Mike MeltonMB1
Oct 9, 2002 8:34 AM
I worked with him at Santana Cycles for a while.

He was a ambitious frame builder who started a fairly large frame building company in South Carolina in the early '80s. When that didn't work out he went to work as the head frame builder for Bill McCready at Santana Cycles-which is where I met him. His wife was taller than him and quite a bike racer-when they rode their tandem she was the captain.

While he was at Santana he was also building the Olympic Aero Track and Time Trial frames under the "Huffy" name. I got to ride a few of them around the block-they were cool and we got great seats for the LA Olympic cycling events.

Looks like one of his frames from the early '80s and ought to be a nice ride and something of a collectors piece with a bit of history.

Don't know what he is doing now, one of his good friends was Dennis Bushnell who is still making frames in Washington-he might be able to give you some more information and may even have welded that frame.

Bushnell Cycle Designs
136 Stewart Road
Building 3 Unit D
Pacific, WA 98047
Phone: 253-826-2233
Fax: 253-826-2277
re: StronglightSteveS
Oct 9, 2002 8:40 AM
The crank looks very much like my Stronglight 99 except mine is a triple.