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Campy/Shimano Wrench Question(2 posts)

Campy/Shimano Wrench Questionteoteoteo
Oct 8, 2002 4:57 PM
Ok so I am shop guy with some mechanical knowledge and stumped myself today with my own question. Can Dura-Ace 9 Cranks work with Campy 10 everywhere else.

I know of several people that have run Dura-ace cranks with Campy record 9 everywhere else. My only worry is that the narrower 10 speed chain could "wedge" between the two chainrings much like Shimano reported that 8 speed cranks would have problems with their 9 speed chains. That being said in 6+ years of bike shop duty I NEVER saw a case of chain wedge.

It's not a huge deal but I think DA cranks will work...I am just trying to figure out why the WON'T work. The only reason it matters is that I just bought a frame and fork and the guy threw in an extra Crank and BB. Since I run Campy and am trying to keep cost low I would just as soon not order my kit with cranks since the DA are nice.....
they will work...C-40
Oct 8, 2002 5:28 PM
Shimano move the little chainring closer to the big ring when 9 speed was introduced. If you put a 9 speed little ring on an 8-speed crank, you've made the 9-speed conversion.

Campy made no changes to their crank when they introduced 9 speed. Campy moved the big ring closer to the small ring when 10 speed was introduced. They still didn't change the crank.

I don't own any Shimano parts to measure the exact difference in chainring spacing, but I doubt there's much difference, since both have brands now have reduced spacing. Many folks have reported that it works fine.

If you measure a campy 10 chain, you'll find that it's only slightly narrower than a shimano 9 speed chain. Not enough difference to cause anything to jamb.