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Is Specialized going to make track bike??(8 posts)

Is Specialized going to make track bike??Qubeley
Oct 8, 2002 3:15 PM
Look behind Cipo's bike, is that a track bike? I can't find it on Specialized website. Are they going to make it available? Definitely better looking than the Cannondale one..
FYI: I went to LBS the other day, Bianchi is going to make a higher end track frame set called Concept 2003, aluninium frame with a really tight rear triangle, butt ugly matte black(again!). But it is not Reparto Corse, it is distinctly different from the Reparto Corse Pista model listed on their Italian site. Pretty cheap for $600. Either way I am not impressed. I would die for a 99/2000 Steel Reparto Corse Pista frame(hopefully if I post this enough time, someone will sell theirs to me).
re: Is Specialized going to make track bike??cxer
Oct 8, 2002 3:21 PM
The only Concept 2003 I have seen is the Cyclocross bike Bianchi intro'd recently.
It is a matte black, scandium CX bike.
Good eye Qubeley......Dave Hickey
Oct 9, 2002 2:54 AM
That is definately a track bike. I'd like to see more info.
Dunno, but they do have . . .TrekFurthur
Oct 9, 2002 4:48 AM
several steel bikes, using Columbus Foco. Interesting. This from one of the biggest proponents of high-end Aluminum? Nice panel paint, as well.
Its for aerodynamics is it not?PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Oct 9, 2002 6:01 AM
At first I was wondering what the heck you guys were talking about because the dropout is so short or its from such an angle that the dropout didn't look to me like a track drop out at all. But anyway I'd say its more for aerodynamics than anything to ensure the rear wheels gets as close to the seattube as possible. Other manufacturers do the same thing.

what dropout?scary slow
Oct 9, 2002 9:42 AM
How the heck did you even see the dropouts? The view of the dropouts is obscured by Cipo's TT rig.
If you look...PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Oct 9, 2002 11:32 AM
I know it was hard for me to see at first. But if you look at the rear dropout right about the rear derailleur cable there a tiny bit of orange where there shouldn't be. Thats the horizontal "track" dropout".

If you look...scary slow
Oct 10, 2002 9:03 AM
Not the TT bike the one behind it....without gears/brakes/cables etc.