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Wisdom tooth pulled = M.I.A.(1 post)

Wisdom tooth pulled = M.I.A.El Caballito
Oct 8, 2002 2:15 PM
1. Woke up late for my dentist appointment 9:00

2.Rushed out the door without having my cup of coffee(anything but the coffee)

3.On the way there, my buddy calls and says a group of guys are going to ride. I tell them I'll be ready by 11.

4.Get to the dentist's office for cleaning. He tells me my wisdom tooth needs to come out.(go for it, next week im back at work)

5.As im laying there, I look up at the ceiling and there's none other than a picture of Bart Simpson sweating bullets looking back at me. "All of a sudden things don't look so good"

6.Damn tooth wouldn't come out without out a fight "Dentist literally climbed up on the chair to pry the sucker out."

7.An hour later, my teeth look as shiny as my sproket, then..

8. Dentist tells me NO RIDING for 24 hours. SH*T!! "Anything but my coffee and my bike"

9.I call my bud and mumble to him "can't make it"

10.While driving home I see the most beautiful train of riders, each taking there turn at the front. "They looked like the posties."

11.My buddy spots me and waves. "Double Sh*t!" All I could do is spit blood out the window. Oh Well!