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Help me choose a frame color(9 posts)

Help me choose a frame colorDale Brigham
Oct 8, 2002 11:16 AM

I'm getting a Steelman Eurocross 525 frame and fork, and I'm in a quandry about the right frame color. I have narrowed it down to three choices: Nickel (silver), Sky Pearl (light blue), and Persimmon Sparkle (orange). I'm open to suggestion. Those who submit pros and cons for each choice get extra credit.

The EC 525 will be an all-rounder cross/rando/adventure machine. A "go anywhere, do anything" bike. The owner is an old geezer who favors steel bikes, moonlit walks on the beach, and cuddly kittens. (Oops, wrong forum!)

Here are the color swatches:


Sky Pearl:

Persimmon Sparkle:

Please help me solve this vexing problem!

Undecidedly Yours,

persimmon sparkle_rt_
Oct 8, 2002 11:33 AM
because anything with sparkles is good.

and besides, orange is a cool color.

re: Help me choose a frame colorPEDDLEFOOT
Oct 8, 2002 11:40 AM
If it's going to be your knock around bike go with the nickel.The chips and scratches may not show up as much and the color would be more in character with that type of bike.The blue is too pretty and the orange is too racey.
re:Sky Pearl, especially if it's lugged.dzrider
Oct 8, 2002 12:26 PM
Dark blue or black outlines on the edges of the lugs would be gorgeous. If it's fillet brazed, I'd go with the darker color so the tubes look like they've melted together. If it has visible tig welds, I'd reconsider.
Persimmon...Mike Prince
Oct 8, 2002 1:50 PM
Went through a similar choice when I got a Steelman last year. Almost got the persimmon with the yellow lettering, but also liked the Mango. Finally picked up the phone and called Katryn and she helped me choose Mango with orange decals. She said that was a truly unique combination.

To this day I still get compliments on the bike. Don't worry too much about chips as the powdercoat is tough as nails.

Have fun
re: Help me choose a frame colorgtx
Oct 8, 2002 9:16 PM
those are the three best Steelman colors. I like Nickel (and you probably have the least chance of getting sick of it) but you can't go wrong.
re: PersonallySteveS
Oct 9, 2002 8:36 AM
I like the Sky Pearl but this past weekend I saw a Rivendell Rambouillet in a color very close to the Persimmon and it looked great. Have fun.
Since this is going to by your adventure bikeMel Erickson
Oct 9, 2002 10:53 AM
I'd pick persimmon. It shouts adventure. Besides, when you inevitibly get lost you can hold it up for the search planes to see (the sparkle would enhance the chances of being seen, too).
Voting summary: it's a toss up!Dale Brigham
Oct 9, 2002 11:31 AM
Many thanks for all of the kind suggestions. Each of the three colors has received two votes, which makes it a three-way tie. To recap the voting...

Persimmon Sparkle: _rt_ ("anything with sparkles is good") and Mike Prince (I like the Mango, too), with honorable mention from SteveS (Rambouillet-like color). My take -- the riskiest choice, but the most eye-catching. It's actually a classic bike color (anybody besides me remember Holdsworth bikes?), and my wife likes it. Also, may keep me from falling asleep on those long brevets.

Nickel: gtx ("you probably have the least chance of getting sick of it") and PEDDLEFOOT, who provides insightful psycho-chromatic analysis ("more in character with that type of bike" and "The blue is too pretty and the orange is too racey"). My take: the least risky, but the least distinctive. Truly classic color; easy to accessorize.

Sky Pearl: dzrider (sorry, no lugs; it's tig-welded) and SteveS (anybody who appreciates a Riv Ram is a wise man). Sentimental choice, very pretty. (Instant movie quote I.D. contest: "Very pretty, Colonel, but can they fight?") Wanted to vote this color off the island, but it keeps swimming back.

Again, thanks, and keep those votes coming in, folks. Otherwise, it's up to the Supreme Court.