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Alternative to floor pump(3 posts)

Alternative to floor pumpbigrider
Oct 8, 2002 6:20 AM
I recently purchased a rechargable Campbell Hausfield portable compressor in lieu of a floor pump after seeing a friend use it.


Pumps up tire without me having to work
Holds a charge for months without needing recharging
Has built in air pressure gauge
Pumps slow enough you can stop at desired pressure
It is small and compact
Is built to last for years


You must use adapter for presta valves
Consumes more of the earth's resources
Takes maybe 15 seconds longer because you
have to screw on the adapter for presta

Costs under 40 bucks at Walmart
re: ... funny...Akirasho
Oct 9, 2002 2:26 AM
... I used to swear by a portable compressor... till I saw the light.

A few year's back, the tires on my car were in bad shape... and keeping a compressor in said was cheaper than buying a new set (along with a few cans of sealants)... so naturally, I used it on my bike as well s (Shraeder)... but just didn't feel "roadie" till I got my Blackburn... now, and I know I shouldn't feel this way, I kinda snicker at folks who air up electric at local rides or on local multis...

Hey wait a minute??!!??

Pumps up tire without me having to work

... then who rides the bike???

We abide.

Remain In Light.

Be the bike.
I switched the other waybigrider
Oct 9, 2002 4:10 AM
I have worn out two or three floor pumps and man I hope this compressor lasts longer. I am tired of getting mad at pumps when the inner parts start wearing out or the fittings go bad. My kids stripped the threads on one of my presta head trying to reverse it to shraeder.