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Anyone Use Powercranks???(4 posts)

Anyone Use Powercranks???peterkg
Oct 7, 2002 10:41 PM
I hopped on these at Interbike and was shocked... they were tough! Anyone who thinks they have a good pedal stroke needs to hop on these... or, is it just a gimmick????
Oct 7, 2002 10:59 PM
I like them. I don't use them as much as Frank Day suggests but they are definitely a good tool to come back to at least every couple days to perfect your pedalstroke... no other product on the market does that in the same way PowerCranks do.

My second year of using themAndy
Oct 8, 2002 2:36 PM
I've been using them for two years and have about 4500 miles on them. I don't have much time right now but if you want to know about my experiences I'll write more later. It's almost 5:00 pm and I'm leaving for home. Have to jump on the bike and get a few miles in before dark.
OK... I'm backAndy
Oct 8, 2002 6:20 PM
I've ridden the powercranks for approx. 4500 miles and I can tell you first hand they will do two things for you. They will clean up your pedal stroke and they will make your hip flexors stronger.

Does that equate to making you a better racer? I don't know. I'm a "beginning" racer and I don't have any previous experience to compare with.

One thing I've noticed is that they do not necessarily smooth out your pedal stroke but they will make you apply pressure in a forward motion for the entire 360 degrees. I just wanted to point out that applying power for the entire 360 rotation of the crank does not mean it is smooth (even) power. You will still have to work on pedaling smoothly. Personally, I don't work on that aspect because I'm so new to the racing scene that I can't work on everything at once. I pick a few things at a time.

The biggest advantage to using these cranks is that they will train you to pedal in circles like no other drill or bike can. You can do isolated leg drills and you can ride a fixed gear bike to achieve partial results of what the powercranks will do BUT... when you train on the powercranks you can never stop pedaling properly. You can't cheat. You can't drift off and stop concentrating and accidently pedal improperly.

All the other training methods require you to remember to pedal properly. (except the fixed gear bike) I believe this is the most important factor of these cranks. You will truly be subconsciously (sp?) trained to pedal in circles. No other training method I know of can do this as fast as powercranks.

And last but not least... you will probably take a lot of crap for training on these. At least that has been my experience. People I didn't even know gave me crap when they saw them. Cycling is a very "traditional" sport and powercranks are not traditional so expect to be ridiculed. It's worth it when you beat them by 400 yards in a crit though.