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Shoe selection(6 posts)

Shoe selectionfatroadie
Oct 7, 2002 10:13 PM
Just need a little help here. Here's the lowdown. I'm 6', about 215# and going down, and I am measure to a true 10.5 US with an E width. I typically wear a size 11 nike for comfy shoes. On my mtb, I ride Lake MX300 (about 3 years old), 46.5's I think. My problem is with every shoe I've ever got, the outside of my foot feels like it's not supported, and it gets numb and painful. I've tried bringing my knees closer to the top tube so I push straight down and not from the side, but it doesn't seem to help. At least I have better form now. I'm thinking at this point that a wider platform would help. In the past, I've had Sidi Energy's (road), Specialized MTB comps, Nike Cipressas (road), cannondale C-soles (mtb and pretty comfy for knock around shoes), and some other shoes that it's been too many beers ago to remember. I'm getting back into road biking to lose some weight and to have something to ride when the trails are too wet. I'll probably get a trek 2300 and I'm not sure what kind of pedals, but I've had Speedplay X2's before and liked those, due to the large cleat and the 2x sided entry. Help me pick a decent, wide shoe that will hopefully cure what ails me. Thanks!
Oct 8, 2002 4:15 AM
Ultra riders often recommend orthotics for hot spots - a spot on the bottom of your foot that first feels numb and ultimately hurts like hell. The orthotic distributes weight and pressure over more of your foot and keeps any one spot from firing up. They also suggest putting your cleats as far back as possible. I've tried both these cures and have happier feet on long rides. Some drill their shoes to allow them to push the cleats even further back. I'll try this when my shoes get old enough to risk destroying them.
re: Shoe selectionGMS
Oct 8, 2002 5:24 AM
When you say the outside of your foot is not supported, do you mean that it feels like your foot is falling off the sole on the outside edge? My right foot feels like that and my left foot does not, because my right foot is slightly wider. I found that moving the cleat laterally moves the problem to different places on my foot (experiment). Then, a Dr. Scholls sport insole took the pain away. The feeling of falling off is still present, but only if I am walking and making a point to notice is. It is not painful even though it is present.

I strongly suspect that a wider pedal platform would alleviate the problem even further, for me, but I've yet to change that.

You may also have success with really tightening the straps towards the front of your foot down hard. This may cause other problems, but might keep your foot in a place where it has more support.

I wear Genius 4s (normal), and if I didn't, I'd wear Shimano R214s. The latter is a really nice shoe if you don't mind the silver slipper look and the price. The quality of both shoes is impressive. Sidis hug my foot better, but if I raced I'd want Shimanoes. You may want to give them a try. I remember them being a little wider than the normal Sidis, especially the sole. I have not tried Mega Sidis.

Good luck.
re: Shoe selectionxxl
Oct 8, 2002 7:37 AM
I've had excellent luck with the Mega Sidis. I wear a 48 (13 US). I also found that it was worth it for me to buy the carbon-fiber soled Genius; it does seem to allow for a more even distribution of pedaling force. The "orthotics" that Side provides, however, leave much to be desired, and you'll probably want to look at aftermarket insoles.

It hasn't eliminated hotfoot, but seems to forestall it for a few more hours.
What carbon-fiber-soled Genius?GMS
Oct 8, 2002 10:35 AM
I've never seen a carbon fiber Sidi. The 2003 line will supposedly have Energies with carbon soles, but that's all I've heard. They are not available yet, to my knowledge. Import?
It's called the Ergo 1kushogun
Oct 8, 2002 11:49 AM
Check out Sweet shoe. A mix of micro lock buckle/velcro/energy buckle with carbon fiber sole. Save your pennies.