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MB1 - what's in the bag?(5 posts)

MB1 - what's in the bag?270bullet
Oct 7, 2002 9:33 PM
Nice pics and ride reports. But what do you carry that justifies such a huge bag? Share with us what is in your pack.

For me, on rides in the 80 - 120 miles, I carry the following:

In Left Jeresey pocket - 2-4 Gu packs, 1 or 2 Cliff Bars or Powerbars.

Center Jersey pocket - Pump, 1 or 2 bars, cell phone

Right Pocket - Money & ID in plastic baggie, 2-4 Gu packs - garbage

Seat pack - wedge type - 2 spares, patch kit, speed lever, multi-tool.

On the Bike - 2 32 oz water bottles (1 on the down tube, and one on the seat tube).

I look at your photos and wonder what you could possibly be carrying that justifies Mrs. B carrying such a huge fanny pack. I have no opinion on whether it is good or bad, just very curious.

What does everyone else take on your long rides (80+ miles)?
Speed lever = tire lever(s)? (nm)jtferraro
Oct 8, 2002 4:56 AM
greatest invention of modern mankindJS Haiku Shop
Oct 8, 2002 5:01 AM

except beer, of course.
Thanks for the link...jtferraro
Oct 8, 2002 5:08 AM
I have the old school, "regular"(I guess), tire levers. They have been working fine but I've pinched the tube before and have had to really use some elbow grease to install new tires, a few times. Hmm...I think I'll have to give these a try!

What we carry (are you sure you want to know).MB1
Oct 8, 2002 6:27 AM
It really depends on the ride. Miss M carries the same bag (it used to be my big bag until we moved in together-about a year after we got married but that is a different story) for perhaps 95% of her riding. Just puts different things in it for commuting or a century ride or for something long. A while back I attached a blinking reflective dog collar to her pack for extra visibility (and to my huge butt pack).

I use several bags; a small butt pack, a large butt pack, a huge butt pack and a messenger bag depending on what we are doing. For one day rides of 100 miles and longer I usually carry the large butt pack. All of our bags have wide belts and a broad padded support across the back.

A normal load for a good weather century (or any 1 day long ride);
All of our bikes have a seat bag with at least 2 tubes, 2 tire levers (I can remove most of our tires without levers) and a CO2 inflator with a spare cartridge, a pair of latex gloves and $5 worth of dollar coins. My seat bags also have an allen wrench/screwdriver set, chain tool with spare link, a patch kit and a spoke wrench. On the SS/Fixte bags we also have a Park 15mm "Peanutbutter" wrench to remove the rear wheel. All of our bikes have a rear blinking light and I will install one of a variety of headlights if we might be riding in the dark.

I carry a Zephal HPX pump on all my bikes except the GT that has a Topeak "Dual Master Blaster" (frame fit pumps don't fit the GT). No pump on Miss M's bikes.

We carry 2 large water bottles on all of our bikes filled with custom mixed Gatorade (I like it stronger than Miss M does). Miss M's Rivendell has a third bottle fitting under the downtube that she only uses on really hot days (100+).

In her butt pack Miss M carries;
A small first aid kit, sunscreen, a small bottle of WD40 most of the food we will eat for the day, her wallet, handi-wipes and girl things.

In my butt pack I carry;
Cell phone, camera, bandana, powdered Gatorade, a bit of food, keys, wallet and camera (in a small bag attached to the belt). On hot days I will carry an extra water bottle in a holder on my butt pack

On colder or wetter days we have lots of room in the bags for rain jackets and extra clothing in the packs. On multi-day rides I will bring a spare folding tire.

What have I missed? I am sure there is something. Here are our normal bags.