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One of those days....(2 posts)

One of those days....Bill is in Denver
Oct 7, 2002 8:42 AM
I haven't been in Denver long...and only into road biking for as long as I've been here so days like this are new to me.

59 degrees, clear blue, perfect view of the white capped mountains from my front yard as I pull out on the Litespeed Atlas. I've been in Montreal for 4 weeks so no riding done in that long. CoQ10 and ripped fuel for the morning breakfast and off I go. I'm on a new trail this I haven't tried yet for whatever reason. I come around a corner and there is a gate closed with a sign that says 'close gate behind you...livestock' Alrighty, so I'm motoring along this trail come around another corner and there stands about 30 horses on both sides of the trail eating there share of breakfast grass. Behind me is the sun, and behind them is the snow all over them reminding me that Loveland opens in 11 days (SNOWBOARD!!). I slowed to about 10mph and cruised through the horses within 5 feet of me on both sides..they barely noticed or must stared at the funny looking guy in those funny looking shorts. Either it was the ripped fuel or the inspiration of being in Denver but I started hammering away...went further and held an average speed higher than my previous bests.

Damn, I love this place. Oh, and what do you guys do about riding in the cold? Denver is nearly a year around biking place I hear...if you dress for it. So...tights, legwarmers, jacket or long sleeve jerseys? Any thoughts would be appreciated...I'm pretty new to this and all the knowledge I have thus far came from this board...and a good friend named Bob (grats on the new baby girl bro)

yeah it's greatColnagoFE
Oct 7, 2002 9:18 AM
Love this time of the year. Often it isn't a lot colder. Pretty much what I wear is leg warmers/armwarmers or long sleeve jersey when it's like it is now. If it gets colder I break out lined tights and neoprene booties and one of those "earband" things for my head. Also use the Pearl Izumi "lobster" gloves which will keep the hands warm in really cold conditions. Simple knit gloves for a little warmer conditions. Also have a pair of those lycra shoe covers when neoprene would be too warm. Another item I wear a lot is a hooded long sleeve jersey which eliminates the need for the head band. If it gets much below 32 degrees I usually stay inside, but often it's above 50 on a lot of weekends. It can snow like crazy and be melted the next day. You never know.