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Strapless HRM(3 posts)

Strapless HRMAkirasho
Oct 6, 2002 9:53 PM
... a few days ago, another poster asked about strapless HRM's whereupon I remarked that given the state of the art of the current crop of HRM's, such would seem impractical... well, duh...

While I don't see it on the website yet, Freestyle is reported to be coming out with a strapless HRM that uses sensors on the thumb and index...

Can't say on how it compares to traditional strap tech, it's accuracy or what it feels like having sensors on your digits (was once strapped to a pulse oximeter for a few days... and could do without that).

Just goes to show... if there's a market to be exploited...

We abide.

Remain In Light.

Be the bike.
I prefer the off-the-shoulder model. (nm)gogene
Oct 6, 2002 10:05 PM
re: Strapless HRMLactate Junkie
Oct 11, 2002 11:15 AM
Several companies have had these for several years, the most notable being MIO. They are not heart rate monitors but rather heart rate readers. By that I mean that they only measure and show your heart rate when you ask them to do so by placing your fingers on them. The problems with this for serious training are:

1. You do not get consistent and complete information about your workout
2. There is no real memory capability

Other problems are:
1. There is a delay of between 5-10 seconds before a heart rate number appears. Thus the information you get isn't the information you wanted.
2. Think about the problem of riding a bike and placing fingers from your right hand on the wrist on your left and looking at the display on the watch for 10-seconds while holding the watch below waist level (a requirement).
3. It is hard to get a reading at high heart rate levels.

These products are designed for the Jenny Craig/Aerobics crowd and are designed to be an improvement over putting your fingers on your neck and counting how many beats you get in a 10-second period. They are not a viable alternative if you are serious about heart rate training.