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Giant CFR(3 posts)

Giant CFRcrabeedough
Oct 6, 2002 7:59 PM
Anyone have knowledge of these frames? I am looking to buy a used one. I like the carbon/alum lugged combo on my look, does it compare well. Anyone with any info about this, particularly the CFR2, would be kind to share.

re: Giant CFRMcAndrus
Oct 7, 2002 4:35 AM
I have a CFR Team. The way Giant works its product lines, all frames in a line are essentially the same with the group (Ultegra, Dura Ace, Record, etc.) making the designated difference among, say TCR2, TCR1, and TCR0. So I believe it's accurate to say that the CFR Team frame and CFR2 frame will be the same frame.

I don't believe Giant sold the CFR in the US directly: at least not in any signifiant volume. I bought mine from an eBay auction. My best information is that Giant sold them in Europe through 1999.

The frame itself is a remarkably good frame. I've compared it favorably to the Trek 5200 and 5500 in other comments on RBR. It resembles a Look frame in construction with standard carbon tubes mated with aluminum lugs.

It rides very, very well and is an excellent long distance frame. I've also raced it in criteriums where it performed well but I've since acquired a TCR specifically for crits.

Though not as stable as a 5200/5500 in a technical downhill because of its slightly shorter wheelbase, the CFR still handles very well. It also climbs very well being light and having a nice, tight rear triangle.

If you buy it, I think you'll be pleased.
re: Giant CFRLC
Oct 7, 2002 9:46 AM
There are reports of the tubes coming unglued from the lugs, but I have put 20,000+ miles on mine and it seems to be doing fine. It is a pretty sweet ride actually, takes vibration out of the road very well and is still stiff enough to hammer on up a hill.