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Sella Italia Flite Ti - Different posted weights(4 posts)

Sella Italia Flite Ti - Different posted weightsjoeblack
Oct 6, 2002 7:58 PM
The following are posted weights for the Sella Italia Flite Ti: 215g 220g 241g 195g 200g

gearlink says the spec comes from the manufacturer. But, why all the different weights?
re: I can't give you direct info but...Akirasho
Oct 6, 2002 10:05 PM
I own a digital scale (2000g capacity) and two 3T Mutant stems, one 130mm, the other 140mm.

Just for the hellofit, I decided to weigh both (without top cap) and the 130mm weighed more... indeed, you could easily notice the heft by feel alone (about 30 grams). I suspect that aside from manufacturing vagarities... products sometimes undergo changes during their production runs that affect weight, aesthetics (while both stems retain the classic Mutant look, there were differences) and performance...

Indeed, given these vagarities, and the accuracy of scales... most of those weights are fairly close (save for SuperGo). While weight can be an important factor for building a lightweight rig, and it helps to have a handle on the weights of available components, it's difficult to assure said weights on many massed produced or hand made goods (Plus or minus material in a weld or two... and the problems of advertising frame weights when you have more than one size for example).

BTW, I got the digital scale so I could play amatuer sleuth on issues such as this... and indeed, do have a few Flite Ti's but can justify yankin' one to weigh it!

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A relative, not an absoluteMcAndrus
Oct 7, 2002 4:41 AM
Personally, I use posted weights as a relative guide on components. For instance, how much does the Selle Italia SLR weigh compared to the Fizik Alliante?

For grins, I weighed my Flite saddle once. Somewhere I saw a posted weight of 215 grams. Mine weighs in at a full 250 grams.

Particularly when you take into account the normal variances in production it may be impossible to get an accurate weight from a published source.

I suspect the differences come from two sources: differences in items tested by the different sellers and typographical error (I've seen that too).
re: Sella Italia Flite Ti - Different posted weightskoala
Oct 7, 2002 5:24 AM
Damon Rinard weighed 7 of them and found a 50 gram swing from the lightest to the heaviest, 199 to 249 grams. Great quality control. I have no idea wwhat my flight weighs.