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Your Opinion Of Online Coaching(3 posts)

Your Opinion Of Online CoachingRyan Oliver
Oct 6, 2002 8:15 AM
I started mtn bike racing this year. I was out of "Sport" in three races and am trying to work out of expert to get into Pro next year. I live in a small town where availability to a coach is not an option. Is this the right time to envolve a coach, or am I premature on this? I'd like to take racing to a new level next year and am hoping that a coach will help. My big breakthrough this year was putting 50% of my training hours on a road bike. Has anyone had much luck with online coaching? Was it worth the money?

Coaching ...sacheson
Oct 6, 2002 9:19 AM
In my opinion, getting a quality coach is the ticket for advancing your training / racing. They offer direction, technique, consistency, knowledge, etc. – things I consider a necessity if you are trying to hang with the big boys.

The important thing though, is getting a QUALITY coach: someone with a similar background, someone with proper education, and someone that can show results in other athletes. People with these credentials will probably be a little more expensive . but worth it.

I have two friends who own their own training companies, and Both groups were pretty successful bike racers. I think you should ‘interview' as many companies as you can before you make a decision, though. Talk with people about making a quality training schedule that accommodates your lifestyle. Understand you WON'T want to put in multiple 20+ hour weeks if you work full time. It is possible to create an effective schedule AND leave room for a life outside of cycling. And MOST importantly – LISTEN to the coach – ESPECIALLY regarding rest days! I've seen too many people pay too much money for quality services, only to be disappointed and throw it all away by not listening.

Best of luck with your search. If you do find a coach, and you do start getting results, I know the satisfaction you will feel. It will make the whole racing experience more fulfilling. Enjoy.
Nice post. Thanks. nmzray61
Oct 6, 2002 10:28 AM