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My first Century (metric), GPS update(2 posts)

My first Century (metric), GPS updatehallcd7
Oct 5, 2002 3:10 PM
Completed my first metric century today. man what a sense of accomplishment when i was done. Rode the Sequatchie Valley Century, sponsored by the Chattanooga Bicycle club. They did a great job of staging the event, and providing support. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all along the way :). I used my Garmin etrex legend to track my route, and have plotted out the altitude changes, using the Garmin Mapsource software. The plot allows zoom in to get detail, and i have the track displayed on the street level map. Cool stuff!

nice turn out too. My side of the story and I'm stickin' to it!Mike P
Oct 5, 2002 5:24 PM
Way to go!

I rode the metric two years ago and decided for the full 100 this year. I was hanging on to the rear of the lead group, feeling pretty good but flatted at mile 35.004 or so, then again at mile 35.005. Luckily, I had put two tubes in the seat bag. On my own until I finally was absorbed by a group of 6. They were riding a little slower than I wanted to be going so I pulled away on the big hill of the day to try to catch up to anyone. Never did. So I decided to die at mile 75 or so. I thought I was dreaming because just as my wake ended I thought I heard a tandem coming up from behind. I looked over and, oh the wonder, a beautiful tandem, going fairly fast went by. I grabbed their wheel and asked if they would mind me hanging out back there. They didn't mind. I managed to pull out a little going up hills but was having trouble keeping up on the flats and down hills. Those thing can really move. They lost me with only a mile left to the finish. Yes, I did thank them for the ride.

About that GPS. . . I was riding with an altimeter. I am suspect of the days total elevation gain. I have it at almost 4500 feet and I am thinking that is a bit high. But it may not be because I feel pretty whipped. Do you have a total gain for the 25? Just curious.

I was shooting for 6 hours, made it in 5:20 and think I could have made it in much less had I not flatted. Two years ago my chain broke, twice. Still a good day. Oh, something funny, in a sadistic sort of way. On the way home I got a really bad cramp in my left leg just as I was moving it to the clutch at a traffic light. I had to knock it out of gear without the clutch I hope the other didn't cramp when I went for the brake.