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Surly Steamroller vs. Fuji Track...Which one to buy?(4 posts)

Surly Steamroller vs. Fuji Track...Which one to buy?zmarke
Oct 5, 2002 11:49 AM
I am trying to determine which frame is better....If you had to strip off all of the components, which frame is built better and rides better.

Or assuming you built up the steamroller with identical components at about the same price (I know this cannot be done but let's assume so anyway) as the Fuji, which would you choose and why?

I will not be racing on a velodrome or on the street. I will purchase/build one of these to have both a fixed gear and a single speed freewheel. It will be used for winter training and some short distance commuting.

Lastly, I know the steamroller would be the "cooler" frame to own but let's keep that out of the equation for now.

Any advice would help.
can't compare the two, personally, but...JS Haiku Shop
Oct 7, 2002 6:06 AM
I have a steamroller purchased last november from, and am 200% satisfied with the ride. it's setup as a freewheel SS, soon to be free/fixed, and sees mostly winter and rain rides. FWIW.

I've been debating the same questionishmael
Oct 7, 2002 7:44 AM
But also concidering the khs and the bianchi. Whats the best deal youve found for the surly, it's more expensive from what I've seen. I'f price were no object I'm pretty sure I'd go with the surly. I just saw the fuji on sale down the street from me for 400(im in philly)! Thats cheaper than I've ever seen it on the web. I plan on using it for the same purposes as you so any info you have about what is helping with your decision would be nice. I've been thinking the khs has nicer cranks, the bianchi comes with pedals, surly nicer paint and tubes. not much more to go on but stem angle and price(which is a major concern since the surly comes up expensive).
I've been debating the same questionzmarke
Oct 7, 2002 12:01 PM
I know....

In my case I can build up a Surly with some Shimano 600 parts from an old bike or I can purchase the Fuji as-is for the same price which is why I want to know which frame is better for commuting/training but not on the track.

I would not buy the KHS. I owned one a few years ago when it had a bent seat tube...what a piece of grabage...I sold it.

The local shop that sells mostly to messengers has the Bianhi Pista and Fuji Track. He sells mostly the Fuji because he says the Pista is not worth the extra money unless you will actually use it on a track. As for brakes, keep in mind that the Bianchi is only drilled for a front brake, the Fuji is drilled for front and rear brakes, and the Surly is drilled for front and rear brakes but it needs long-reach calipers which can be expensive unless you can find a pair on eBay which I have not been able to do for weeks.

If you need a pair of new short/normal reach brake calipers for the Bianchi or Fuji I have an extra new set of RSX-100 calipers for sale which I got on eBay but do not need. They are sora/tiagra quality.