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Queston for MTN Bikers.........(15 posts)

Queston for MTN Bikers.........CARBON110
Oct 4, 2002 6:04 PM
Hey guys,

The Mtbr board is a mess and I really enjoy the people here so I did not feel inapropriateasking a few mtn bike questions. I'm putting together a race bike for some end of season training and may partake of a few XC races ext year for fun. Does anyone have any preferances on Front suspension? Or on light weight wheels? I weigh 127 lbs and Im in great shape. The bike is a Trek 9.8 frame. I was thinking like Rock shox carbon w/lock out and some light ass wheels. Are fox forks good? Tubeles wheels or clincher?? Is slime worth it? Thanks alot and have a good weekend
re: Queston for MTN Bikers.........homegrown2004
Oct 4, 2002 6:17 PM
Rockshox forks are nice but they have their disadvantages. They have had some bushing issues in the past but if you get a 2002 or 2003 you should be golden. You could get a 2002 Ti instead of carbon for cheaper, they're almost exactly the same weight minus the issue of a carbon steer/crown. Rockshox are THE lightest (excluding small companies like FRM or Pace.) Marz. or Fox will be heavier (nothing under 3lbs.) but may seem more plush. If this is a race bike I would go RS Sid, super adjustable. Wheels...all depends on how much you want to spend. You could get down to 1400 g a pair with tune/mavic 517/sapim cx-ray spokes but that is pricey$$. If you're willing to shed some cash I would go with the 2003 Mavic Cross Max. Personally I consider slime a joke, just adds rotating weight. You're better off going with a Stans system ( As for tubless vs. tubes...its personal preference but consider this. Tubeless require heavier tires and rims and are difficult to patch. Also, if you are racing and you blow a big hole in one you can put a tube in it but generally UST (tubeless) tire beads are very tight. I would recommend getting a non UST (tubeless) rim and tire and buying a STans kit if you want to run really low psi., otherwise just go with a traditional tube/tire combo. Hope this helps
HED makes some nice MTB wheelsweiwentg
Oct 4, 2002 6:20 PM
BUT I have NO idea how they perform. there are some reviews on MTBR. they're straight pull ti spokes everywhere except rear drive (which uses standard revos). at your weight (you have 9 pounds on me) there should be no problems.
I'm personally using Cane Creek WAM Discs, which I bought from ebay (since no one bid on them). these are my first MTB wheels, but initial impressions are positive. subjectively, they feel pretty light. and I consider the weight penalty for discs to be well worth it.
another option is to get Mike Garcia ( to build you a set. those would be really light-ass.
I ended up with a Manitou Mars Super, which I got on RBM for a steal. was originally looking at the Comp Coil. so far, it's pretty good. my friend advised me not to go air due to maintenance requirements, so I only went half-air.
re: Queston for MTN Bikers.........Dog
Oct 4, 2002 11:32 PM
Most mtn bikers agree that the Marz. Atom is pretty stable. The fork isnt the lightest but last long and stiffer than RS. As far as wheels, The Mavic Crossmax are great. I run them WITH tubes to avoid hassles and fixing flats is no problem. My rims are 2 yrs old, lots of racing and are still true. Find them used on the board-save half.
Know what you mean about mtb board...jesse1
Oct 5, 2002 3:26 AM
I've had great results with the Bonti Mustang/XT wheels. They're not the lightest, but they're a lot lighter than most. And super reliable and pretty darn inexpensive at $149 per set.
I've been using Stans system ( Conti Explorer Pros at 35 lbs (I'm 150 lbs dressed)for a year now. Over some of the most jagged rocks any sane person would ride on with no failures. Stans would probably do pretty well with insane riders as well. I'd stay clear of Slime if racing/performance riding is what you're doing.
Actually, at your wieght, if you use Stans, I'd use the Kenda Klimax or the Conti Twister. I've used both and was impressed by thier traction and durability with Stans system.
re: Queston for MTN Bikers.........homegrown2004
Oct 5, 2002 5:38 AM
I dont think HED makes mountain wheels anymore (dont hold me to that though) but I don't think they're as light as you would expect. I have seen them at races before and using a deep dish carbon rim for mtb seems iffy...As for a fork if you only weight 127 you won't have problems flexing a Rockshox, I weigh 120 and ride the Sid Race Ti with no problems. I agree with the X max, I have the old school kind (no bladed spokes or aero rim) and I've trued them about 3 times in the past 5 years, no joke.
Lots of personal preferences...biknben
Oct 5, 2002 6:52 AM
I've been racing the SID SL for a year now. It's a good mix of weight, stiffness, and cost for an XC racer. I find the dual air RS forks to be real plush. Much more so than the praised Marz I had before. The verdict is still out on the carbon version. I've yet to see one at the start line. Too much money for questionable durability. OTOH, at your weight it's going to get much less abuse. If you've got the cash, it might be good for you. Personally, I think it's overkill if you're just looking to race occasionally for fun.

Tubeless is also still trying to get a foot hold in the market. It has pros and cons. The tubeless wheels and tires are heavier than their tubed counterparts, even when you include tubes and rim strips. When you DO get a flat, you are SOL. Wheel and tire choices are limited and more expensive. The tubeless does allow you to drop the pressure. In addition to providing better traction , it also can offer a suspension benefit. If I raced a hardtail I would be very tempted to go tubeless and low pressure.

No matter what wheel choice you make, look into Hutchinson Python tires. These tires are really impressive. Light weight, aggressive semi-slick tread, and a huge volume of air. The tread looks tame but when you pump them up they are much wider than you expect. The volume of the tire adds to traction, decreases pintch flats and allows lower air pressures. It comes in both regular and tubeless versions. The only time you wouldn't want to use them is in wet muddy conditions.
More Info... Great responses!CARBON110
Oct 5, 2002 9:02 AM

Cash is not much of a problem although I don't want to be careless. Its sounds like ceramic Cross Max wheels ( clincher ) are the best choice. I would be very interested in building some custom SILLY LIGHT wheelsets. I am going to heck out tubless at the shop regardless, perhps they may come in handy during certain weather conditions. I am going with V-Brakes over Discs due to weight advantages and I have a prtty easy time controlling a bike with them.Although the new XTR discs look sweet and are ssuper light. I am going with the new XTR cranks and this years rapid fire XTR 9spd and derail. Tire choice sounds good and any other preferances I wold b appreciative to. What about riser bars? They look like you may have more control. I will forget about slime since I have no problems changing flats on my road bike. Any advice on maybe a 12 hour race or anything elsleI should think about would be great. I understand this weekend is the vegas show so if anyone hears of something phenomenal let me know! Thanks again for the responses
More Info... Great responses!divve
Oct 5, 2002 9:42 AM
I think you received good advice. I just have some comments.

1)There are some UST tires out there that are very light. For instance Hutchinson Scorpion UST 1.75", average weight 619gr. For best ride quality and reliability I'd recommend UST tires + some 60gr. latex solution in the tires (Stan's for instance). There's no need for his strips or whatever, just a bottle of his juice. Admittedly this combo is slightly heavier than Airlight tires + latex, but rides much nicer in my opinion and much better side-wall strength.

2)Don't get your hopes up regarding 03 XTR. There's nothing "super lightweight" about it. Albeit nothing really heavy about it either. You can get similar weights or considerably lighter with current set-ups.

3)Look closely at the various disk brake offerings by Magura or Formula. The weight penalty isn't any higher than XTR 03 hydraulics. In my opinion the advantages of disc brakes is well worth the weight disadvantage.

4)For a 12 hour race all I got to say is eat and drink enough:)
More Info... Great responses!homegrown2004
Oct 5, 2002 10:36 AM
UST tires light? 619 is decent but remember you won't get that weight all the time due to manufacturing methods. You can get sub 400 gram tires from Continental and Kenda, plus this is rotating weight. If you arent running super low PSI (which I don't just b/c it feels slower and I dont have issues with traction) then I dont think there's a big need for tubeless. I do agree with your disc brake recommendatiosn though. The Magura Marta and the new Formula B4 Magnesium are all around 300 grams a set including lever. The brakes and levers are almost the same weight as Vs but you must add beefier wheels. Discs would be a good idea if you ride in bad weather. The 03 XTR cranks are nice but definately not lightweights and have an odd BCD. If you're worried about stiffness go with them though, otherwise RAce FAce NEXT LPs are a solid choice. As for 12 hour races, I hear most of those endurance guys run full suspension because their wits get dim at the end. Just eat and drink and hope that 9.8 carbon damps the trail well (i'm sure it will its a sweet ride.)
Custom light wheelsDaThumb
Oct 5, 2002 10:29 AM

I've never heard bad things about his wheels or his customer service.
re: Queston for MTN Bikers.........gtx
Oct 5, 2002 8:51 AM isn't that bad....

I'd just say XTR hubs with Mavic rims and the right tires and tire pressure for the conditions you're riding in. I don't think tubless is quite there yet, though I haven't stayed totally current on this.

Have you seen this?

I've always/only ridden Rockshox, they seem to work, no complaints. Basically, I'd put the most thought into your tires and tire pressure. Oh yeah, and your training. ;)
Oct 5, 2002 12:21 PM
I've got a pad and pen out to write all this down. Dam I love this forum! Thanks alot people, I really appreciate it...I'll let you know what I go with. I am waiting for my friend to return from Vegas. He said I should wait until he got back to make sure he did not see something "exceptional". I will look into the disc brake system more...I just thougt between disc rims and brakes you could save a fair amount of weight. I will head the advice on the RS as faras the carbon goes since the SL TI is almost the sae eight ... I will double check everything. Thanks agin....what a resource...wish could buy you all a drink!
O yeah, by the wa..I think I am going to go with 2002 XTR, due to the funny crank system. Although there is suppose to be a OCLV Fuel with the 03 stuff on it...but 02 xtr is still excellent
AHHH ....Speeeeed Dream Wheeels.... ooooooooooCARBON110
Oct 5, 2002 1:31 PM
WOW! Unreal! ahem...... how come more people don't ride these??
AHHH ....Speeeeed Dream Wheeels.... ooooooooooSpoiler
Oct 5, 2002 4:05 PM
Most people ride the wheels that come stock on their bike. When they want new replacement wheels, the only resources they know of are their LBS, Colorado Cyclist, Supergo, Performance, or in a two-page ads in in Mountain Bike, but don't spent time to look outside of these places. I'm sure an LBS could make these wheels cause Dave uses stock parts, but since that ALL he does, he's had the time to learn how to do it better. After two years and over 10k miles on one of his rear wheels, a spoke pulled through the rim. It was the rim's fault, but he rebuilt it including all parts and shipping for $85.