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So the next question is. Two of three(2 posts)

So the next question is. Two of threeRon L
Oct 4, 2002 4:08 PM
First let me clear up one or two things in question one. It's not your LBS that determains what components get put on the Manufactures BIKES, not frames, BIKES. Offten buyers will spec components so they can shift cash to bars, stem, wheels, even clothing. They will for example get a ReCord group with Chorus bb, front deraillure, brks calipers or cassette. This could add up to a chunk of change to put into a Campy or Mavic wheelset.

The $5500 was just a number in that upper range. When you get above the $3500.00 I would think you getting into your next rig and you have some ideal of what you want.

For the one that got hungup on what he thinks others should spend on a bikes. That is the very point of the question. When we get our toys we want what we want and not what you think will make someone else happy.
Money is not an issue for everyone. (Spunout)

But there is someone that has seen this take place and is paying very close attention. You know who you are and made mention of one of a few companies/manufactures that has changed there way of doing business.

The secound question came up in the responses of the first question. Remember, you can not buy the frame. They are shipped to the dealers as complete bikes. This is the only way the dealers can get them as well
Do you bite the bullet and buy extra stuff to make it yours?
Pick another frameset and have it your way?
O.K. Legs, tell us what you knowRon L
Oct 4, 2002 4:18 PM
If I took the time to think about what you said I may have remembered your post about your Merlin Extra lite Compact.

It was a very good an informative. I agreed with you 100%