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A weekly day off(2 posts)

A weekly day offzray61
Oct 4, 2002 3:06 PM
Yesterday was my weekly day off from my routine. I find that
plan days off are beneficial and a strong aid to my making progress. I use to do everything haphazardly but I finally got tired of getting the same meager results so I read some coaching books and settled on Dr. Phil Maffetone approach.
It may not be important which coaching routine you use as long as you use one that is recognized and published. In order words someone else's routine instead of your own.
I also use The VeloNews Diary/J.Friel to log time,route,etc.
I find the diary the most helpful when I fall out of my
training. I always think I've only taken a couple of days off but when I look at the last entry in the diary it generally is more like a week or two that I've been off.
I took a day off this year.MB1
Oct 4, 2002 4:28 PM
After going an entire year without a day off the bike I decided to get the monkey off my back so I took a day off. I rode a bus to work-it sucked I'll probably not do that again.

Active recovery is good. Training logs keep you honest.